Monthly Roundup: June 2018

This month sure flew like the wind! It’s been such a busy month, but the last two weeks of June have been special and also eye-opening.

The eye-opening and eye-watering moment of the last two weeks was being able to say the final goodbye to my close friend who passed away almost three months ago, but it gives me comfort knowing I will always think of her and will always remember her for the happy memories and the bundles of joy and happiness she brought me and everyone else.

I’ve been feeling so much more positive now and I’ve been able to feel happier more now as that is what my close friend would have wanted, but I made the most of the two weeks by going to a party, which was absolutely wonderful, and especially as it was a night out, it sure was a good time and I made the most of it.

I’ve been quite the busy bee this month, as I’ve been publishing photography work non-stop almost every day, and it feels good to be able to publish a bit more regularly knowing that each photo moment is worth treasuring.

Without further ado, I will take a quick look back at what I published over the course of June.

1.6.2018 – June was set to be a whole lot busier considering I would be doing two early morning shifts, with my annual leave holiday coming up at the end of the month.

It certainly was a joyful start to June, as the weather was wonderful despite the start of the month being hot and humid.

It was rare to find a beautiful begonia plant during the Summer season, as it’s a plant I hardly see around nowadays.

2.6.2018 – There was a dazzling daisy and a generous geranium around, but it was good to see nature in full bloom.

3.6.2018 – A beautiful and sunkissed sunrise lit up the rest of the day, while the fragments of Summer began to shine through, and what topped it all off was the valley of the lilies.

5.6.2018 – Calmer Camellia! They come and go and they give off a calm and relaxing feeling, putting your mind at ease, but holy hollyhock! It was warm.

6.6.2018 – Mother Nature celebrated 5 remarkable years as I started this website on the 6th June 2013, and I remember publishing my first ever amount of photography work during the Summer season, with the photography work being produced on the then Samsung ST200F Camera I used to use.

What marked the occasion on a special note was when I spotted a cheeky Cherokee plant that had blossomed so early just days prior to the 5-Year Anniversary of Mother Nature. Ending the celebration on a high note, Mother Nature put her buttercup in the air to show the world some love, whilst showing the same love back.

7.6.2018 – There was a precious primrose in sight, but because it’s a plant that I’ve not seen much of, I was fascinated as to whether it was a rare plant. The weather, however, was wonderful, but it was good to make the most of the warm weather, especially considering the sun was out.

8.6.2018 – I saw red as the rose was a sight for sore eyes!

10.6.2018 – It was a happy halcyon and serene summer for the daisies I found, but the dainty dandelion stood out in its full glory for the warm and sunny weather. I saw an adorable azalea plant which, to me, was quite rare to see it blossom so early in the morning when there was no one out with everywhere being so quiet and peaceful. There were leaves of green as I was on my way home from work following the last early morning shift I completed ahead of going on annual leave.

12.6.2018 – Mother Nature certainly had a spindled heart, and her spindled heart was worth witnessing!

13.6.2018 – Mother Nature blossomed her Magic Mallow!

15.6.2018 – A luxurious lily blossomed so beautifully!

16.6.2018 – I marked a milestone as I celebrated turning 20 years old, which was surreal and was also perfect timing considering I was officially on annual leave for two weeks.

Whilst on the way home from a friend’s house after a perfect day out, oh boy! Sweet Carolina sure did blossom on such a perfect day!

18.6.2018 – Mother Nature had a case of the Hebe Jebes!

19.6.2018 – Following a visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm, the next model I photographed for my mental health-inspired photography series was my close friend, Hamid Haq.

21.6.2018 – The Summer Solstice officially arrived! The weather was beautiful and breezy!

22.6.2018 – Following my visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm on Sunday 17th June 2018, the next model I picked to photograph for my photography series was my close friend, Akash DeSilva.

27.6.2018 – The ligustrum plant sure was lively!

28.6.2018 – There was a wild, wild rose in sight, meanwhile, there was a bush of lovely lavender!

29.6.2018 – There was a mild milkweed in sight which allowed Mother Nature to blossom her true colours!

Also, coming up to exactly one year to the day the best-selling trilogy was released, the Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, which featured two additional levels, Stormy Ascent (previously unfinished and unreleased on the original PlayStation) and Future Tense (drawing inspiration from the cut ‘Waterfall Level’ that never made it into the final release of the original Crash Bandicoot from the original Crash PS1 Trilogy), was re-released on all platforms (XBOX One, Nintendo Switch and Steam).

Thank you so much for such a perfect month, and thanks for your support, everyone. Your support got me through after recent events, and I don’t know what I would do without all of you.

Again, thank you so much, everyone, and I shall see you all in July!

Alex Smithson

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