Monthly Roundup: October 2018

Happy Halloween! October has flown so fast!

Without further ado, I’ll take a quick look back at the articles published over the course of October.

1.10.2018 – I found it hard to believe that we were almost at the end of this year, though time flies when you’re working hard and having fun.

2.10.2018 – The Autumnal Glow of Nature is precious and beautiful!

3.10.2018 As the flurry of falling leaves continued to fall until the start of Winter, it was no surprise Autumn would come and go quicker than we would imagine.

4.10.2018 After attending a workshop for my apprenticeship, I was stranded at London’s Charing Cross!

5.10.2018 There was a blushing rose which proved nature is expressive and would always show her true colours!

6.10.2018 – I witnessed Aztec Marigold at its Finest!

7.10.2018 As we were set to expect more gloomy days ahead with the weather constantly changing as we head towards the Winter Season, the sense of a gloomy day starts the gloomy days of cloudy weather with chances of heavy rain with colder weather on the way.

8.10.2018 Nature embraced her purple heart, which is good considering it was nice and sunny.

9.10.2018 It was a surprise to see nature was blooming late! Still, it was better late than never.

10.10.2018 It was so good to witness the autumnal sun whilst mother nature made the most of keeping the United Kingdom warm.

As it was World Mental Health Day, I advised you all that you should always be in your friends and family’s corners and support everyone who is suffering from mental health.

The heights of Shoreditch were absolutely beautiful, especially with what would be the last of the warm weather as the Autumn Season goes at full speed into Winter!

11.10.2018 It was such a beautiful and sunny day in Shoreditch and it felt so good to make the most of the warm weather whilst it lasted!

15.10.2018 It was a misty start to the week following the weekend’s thunderstorms but it was hard to think it’s nearly Winter and Autumn had only just begun!

20.10.2018 After almost a year of working full-time, I officially secured another full-time job and the new job is up in Shoreditch, Central London!

26.10.2018 It felt so good to start my new job as a Self-Employed Sales & Customer Service Brand Ambassador and I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to photograph the bright and busy landscape of Shoreditch.

To celebrate a perfect first day in my new job, Mother Nature embraced the world with her Autumnal Raindrops!

27.10.2018 The Dusty Millers were in full swing with Autumn as Mother Nature blossomed her true colours ahead of the Winter Season as we head towards the end of 2018.

28.10.2018 Whilst in Shoreditch on my first day in my new job, I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to photograph one of the many artistic murals as I walked out of the station.

Thank you so much for such a great month, everyone, and I’ll see you all in November!

Alex Smithson

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