Kicking off 2019 with a bang, the next subject I have photographed for the photography series, this photo-set being the first for 2019, is my close friend, Patrick Connolly.

As these photos were taken on New Year’s Eve given I was at a New Year’s Eve Party to ring in 2019, these photos were taken in low-light conditions, and with surprising results, these photos came out better than I expected.

A fraction of some of these photographs were normal headshots, while some of the photographs were off-guard facial expressions Patrick made that he probably wouldn’t necessarily make if this involved him looking directly at the camera. It’s often the off-guard photographs that are the best photos.

I hand-picked three of the photos from this photo-set to upload to Instagram beforehand and they’ve gone down a storm after I changed them to black and white with surprising results!

I’m pleased with how these photos turned out and I’m quite amazed that the low-lighting with the flash on compensated the photos in such a way that they stand out really well.

If there’s any improvements I could make, please let me know as your feedback will really help me to improve on the photo-sets I produce in the future.

Alex Smithson

2 comments on “The Concept of Expression: Patrick Connolly

  1. Wow, Alex, this is a really superb photo set. You’ve captured Patrick well and given us an insight into his personality and a snapshot of his party experiences. Wonderful work!


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    • Thank you so much for your feedback on this photo-set, Vijay, that really means a lot. I was quite surprised as to how well these photos turned out as I hadn’t photographed subjects in low-light conditions like this before, but I was really pleased with how these photos turned out.

      I’ve got another photo-set on the way soon so watch this space! You don’t want to miss it! 🙂

      Alex Smithson


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