Welcome to Nikau!

This has been a long time coming but I’m so pleased to show off Mother Nature’s new look to all of you.

Mother Nature, meet Nikau!

Everything is more accessible now and because of the fresh new look of this website, all social icons can now be found right at the top of the website even as you scroll through every article, photo-set or page and the sidebar has been tidied up to accommodate for better usability.

Even now, I’m still in awe of the new look as it’s so professional and makes the website feel more like a portfolio of work.

A few of the Sidebar Widgets have been removed to make the website more accessible and user-friendly, and if you’re using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the theme is mobile-friendly and will make navigating around the site so much easier.

You may have noticed a difference in the logo. After a period of time experimenting with the logo design, I have decided to change the logo to all black with the logo being adjustable to white anytime I change the colour of this website. This is because I wanted to make sure this website was easily viewable whilst providing the hands-on experience that I want this website to provide.

The font faces have finally changed after a long time to Jubilat & Merriweather, doing away with Karla altogether as I want to make sure that Mother Nature is accessible and readable for anyone who has a visual impairment. I want to make sure the content I publish is as accessible as possible to all of you and I feel this major overhaul will help provide that accessibility.

What do you think of the new look? I would love to hear your responses and please tell me if there’s anything I can do to make the theme more accessible. I aim to try to make this website as accessible as possible so please feel free to submit your feedback below.

Alex Smithson


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words on the new look, Vijay, that really means a lot. I was blown away by how accessible and user-friendly it really was and it was mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly which is what I wanted because Lovecraft offered half of what I really wanted the website to look like and felt cramped, but Nikau gives the website more of an open-world feel as everything is in the right place and the fact that the website now feels like a business-ready portfolio gives me the opportunity to really get my work out there more and get it noticed.

      Again, thank you so much for your kind words on the new look, that really means a lot.

      Alex Smithson


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