Monthly Roundup: January 2019

What a slow start to the year! January felt like forever considering how much the time dragged but it’s a relief that January is over now and despite the freezing cold weather, it’s no surprise that everyone couldn’t wait for this month to end.

Kicking off the first Monthly Roundup for 2019, I will take a look back at the articles/photo moments published over the course of January.

1.1.2019 – 2019 kicked off with a bang thanks to the New Year’s Fireworks going off in London, and I even mentioned that 2019 would be action-packed with so much content as I would be publishing more frequently considering I have more quality time on my hands.

5.1.2019 – London was feeling Gloomy under the clouds due to the freezing cold weather, meanwhile, Borough Market was at its Busiest as the daily commuters were grabbing quick bites to eat here and there.

6.1.2019 – Get the finest foods and drinks with different varieties and qualities at Borough Market, whilst not missing Maria’s Market Café, which is the centrepiece of Borough Market.

18.1.2019 – To kick 2019 off with a bang, the next subject I photographed for the photography series, The Concept of Expression, was my close friend, Patrick Connolly, and the photo-set itself was the first photo-set for 2019.

21.1.2019 – Mother Nature, Meet Nikau! The website got a complete overhaul with an all-new look designed to be more accessible with all social icons being moved right to the top of the website even as you scroll through every article, photo-set or page, with the sidebar being tidied up to accommodate for better usability.

25.1.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was my close friend, Nathan Andrew Christopher Brady. This photo-set followed on from the first photo-set I produced featuring my close friend, Patrick Connolly, which I also produced when I was at the New Year’s Eve Party ringing in 2019 in style.

28.1.2019 – For the first month of 2019, it was awfully slow, as it felt like all the energy you have ready for the day is thrown out in an instant.

The Croydon Nightlife is visually appealing even in the freezing rain.

29.1.2019 – Delta Point is a remarkable building and used to be an office block before it was redeveloped to become residential.

It’s been a lot colder than I originally thought and I’ve been wearing thick boots in case there’s a snowstorm and so far there hasn’t been one which is a relief considering I love to get to work rather than let the weather affect my journey.

It’s been a great start to the year even though this month has been slow, but it’s good to know that the first few weeks of 2019 have gone really well.

I hope you enjoyed this month even though it’s been slow, and I’ll see you all in February.

Alex Smithson


    1. January was a good month and I had a good time especially considering I’ve been working but January was awfully slow. It felt like the days were even longer and it’s one of those months where everything slows down and drags, but it was a good month overall considering I was able to publish a bit more :-).

      Alex Smithson


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