The Pitfalls of Social Media & Smartphones.

What are the pitfalls of social media and smartphones?


When both go together, it’s not for the right reasons.

Nowadays, social media and smartphones, when they’re put together, can result in disastrous consequences.

For instance, there can be heated exchanges on social media platforms that could spill out into the real world.

This means that whatever anyone says nowadays through smartphones on social media is the difference between life and death.

Gun, knife and acid crimes are now sadly common, and with the confinements of a smartphone, all it takes is one bad message to be sent to invite a whole lot of trouble.

Stabbings are becoming more common now which is worrying.

Most of the crimes committed nowadays show exactly the pitfalls of social media and smartphones when they’re not used correctly and safely.

There’s a lack of policing on the streets of London and at worse, it’s sadly and worryingly devastating to see the crime rate has increased with a lack of policing and security on the streets almost everywhere.

What do you think could be done to improve and prevent horrific crimes from being committed in general?

Please feel free to give your input on this topic.

Alex Smithson


  1. Social media does have many positives suc as finding missing people, but undeniably it does have an ugly side. I think the glaring point of issue is the fact that tech companies like Twitter, Snapchat etc need to do more to simply keep an eye on the content posted on their platforms and take more firm and assuring steps to make social media a less poisonous environment. Lock the trolls in their cages!

    Speaking of cages, have you ever heard of social media detox. There’s little cages you can buy to lock your phone in and keep it from distracting you XD

    A great and succinct insight into a hot topic, Alex. Thanks for sharing!



  2. In general people only lash out when theyre under strain. Violence is a secondary situation. Meaning…emotions, circumstance, etc preceded violence. We need to deal with the underlying aggression. It wont be solved in any respect until we can discuss the human experience honestly and without fear. So much goes into play. We need to teach respect and kindness. We need to publicly address classism, racism, homophobia, etc…the list goes on and on. I dont honestly believe humanity is up to the challenge. These days I recommend self defense, travel in groups, and speak out against bullshit when you see it. Excersize your privilege where you can…and always remember…not everyone has to like or accept you, but you can expect and demand respect.


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