Topic: Should Stop & Search & Drill Music Be Stopped?

Stop & Search is often a useful way to protect the public from potential harm and dangers that occur in everyday life, but in most places in Croydon and London, it’s not often you see some places with security barriers, which is a common worry for the public’s health and safety, but it’s become a common security complex that is now considered controversial amongst some because they feel it is an invasion of privacy.

I believe it’s not an invasion of privacy because everyone’s health and safety matters as stop and search serves its purpose; to prevent the use of dangerous weapons (i.e. knives, guns, acid and other weapons of choice) from being used to harm the public.

On a personal and honest note, I think it shouldn’t be stopped because almost every day, someone is stabbed to death, shot dead and at worse, been hospitalised as a result of acid attacks which are sadly all becoming common, and with a lack of policing on the streets, multiple deaths being reported and some survivors suffering life-changing injuries, it’s heartbreaking that the less there is of stop and search, the more chance there is of numerous fatalities being reported.

The only way that all these crimes can stop being committed is if security measures are put in place, more funding is issued into the police force to increase the police numbers and to re-open the police stations so that there are fewer crimes committed on the streets of Croydon, London and anywhere that is worst hit by all forms of crime.

What would help the most is like what the Millenium Dome have done before letting everyone in to see their favourite musicians by putting security barriers up that buzz if you have something that it can detect and put into a little tray, they should do the same for every store, every restaurant and every place that is a soft spot for all crimes to be committed by putting security barriers in place with stop and search also included to make doubly sure that the health and safety of the public isn’t compromised.

What is Drill Music?

As you may often see in the news, drill music is often enough a controversial platform which is quite frequently associated with gangs as drill music has been known for causing gang rivalries, and has also been the subject of the rap world but is controversial considering so many rappers who are looking to break into the music industry end up on the news after being confirmed to have been killed as they slowly get noticed.

This has prompted an outcry across the UK and the music world, and even companies, such as the confectionary company, Mars, YouTube and other streaming services are either limiting the use of drill music or banning it permanently due to the obscene nature of the content produced.

I’ve got nothing against anyone who chooses to rap, but if drill music comes into it, it can cause problems for the individual themselves looking to break into a career in the music industry and given that the controversial nature of drill music often enough centres around violence and hateful comments against other gangs on social media with the intention of rivalry, this could prompt our failed government to act quickly and swiftly, especially where stop and search comes in, to prevent this from taking place.

A one-word question I want to put to everyone who knows and either does drill music or knows about it:


I’ve made sure to tread very carefully on such a controversial subject such as this as a lot of gangs around Croydon, London, anywhere that is worst hit with crime often enough tend to find that their safety is at risk of being compromised and I’m only highlighting it to give you all an insight, especially anyone who may have potentially had a past history the realisation that if nothing is done now to keep the public’s health and safety at a secure level, especially where stop and search comes in, even when it comes to drill music, everyone’s lives will end up being at risk if nothing is done to protect the public’s health and safety and everyone’s best interests at heart.

Do you think Stop & Search should be stopped?

Also, what are your thoughts on drill music? Do you think drill music can pose a potential threat to the public’s health and safety and their best interests at heart? Do you think drill music should be stopped?

I appreciate your honest feedback on this topic and this topic isn’t intending to throw shade at anyone and isn’t intended to throw shade at all gangs at all as that is not the intention, I’m just trying to give my real, honest and personal views, whilst also trying to ask questions and trying to talk about something from experience of losing someone I knew and also trying to talk about something from experience for anyone who I cannot imagine may have lost someone close to them or have turned their lives around and put their past history behind them.

To end this topic, they always say blood is thicker than water, but never lose your own and no one should lose theirs.

Alex Smithson

One comment

  1. This looks too much like the anti gangster rap thug panic in the 90s. What you’re essentially saying is certain types of music and your proximity to it increase violent tendencies. But…Drill music isn’t in the U.S. We have dis tracks, i don’t know if they’re the same. I’m fucking baffled to that they don’t stop and search at concert venues. I disagree with the rest tho i.e. restaurants etc. If only because it will only transpire in low income areas leading to more polarization. Not my fight tho…so my opinions are underinformed.


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