Welcome to March!

Welcome to March! How’s it this month already? The time went faster last month compared to the start of the year and it feels good!

It’s an action-packed month as the Spring weather makes its return, meanwhile, I have a lot of content in store that I’m itching to publish, and I’ll be travelling up to Finsbury Park on the 6th March which is a first for Mother Nature and it’s for a special occasion but I will reveal the few reasons for travelling to Finsbury Park soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m excited for Spring and want to see the warm and sunny weather return as I’m itching to get out of the thick coat and fleecy clothes of Autumn and Winter and into the Spring/Summer clothes, that includes wearing the vest tops and Bermuda shorts as who wouldn’t?

It’s always wise to make the most of the warm weather when it returns and like you, I’m excited for the warm weather to return as I want to break a sweat every time I go out.

Still, I’m glad March is here and I’m praying we get the warm weather back that we had recently and that it stays as I love the idea of being able to wear sleeveless shirts and jeans and feel good about it.

This month is going to be really interesting and I’m so sure of it!

Until then, Welcome to March!

Alex Smithson

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