Monthly Roundup: March 2019

It’s been one heck of a good month and so much has happened!

It’s the end of March and I’ve been publishing so much content that I cannot believe it’s already the end of the month.

They say time flies when you have fun and work hard and I’ve been plugging away and making the most of the free time so I’m happy that I’m keeping active and busy.

However, I want to take a moment to remember the front-man of The Prodigy, Keith Flint, and the Beverly Hills, 90210 & Riverdale Actor, Luke Perry, who sadly passed away this month and wanted to send out my condolences and respects to both their families at this time.

Without further ado, I’ll take a look-back at the photo moments/articles/photo-sets I’ve published over the course of this month.

1.3.2019 – March came around quicker compared to the start of 2019!

3.3.2019 – Looking to grab a taco and other wraps available in store? Well sound the alarm! It’s Taco Bell Time!

Let’s Cast a Light on Nature!

4.3.2019 – Experiencing Blurred Vision? No? Anyone for Starters? The Breakfast Club is Here!

5.3.2019 – The Next Stop is the House of Fraser, unless you want to imagine Life in the Cronx!

8.3.2019 – Dial 222 for Real Food & Awesome Coffee whilst celebrating International Women’s Day, and notice that BOXPARK Croydon is Booming!

10.3.2019 – Witness Mother Nature unleash The Full Monterey!

11.3.2019 – Croydon’s Industrial Nightlife is beautiful!

12.3.2019 – When there’s hardly anyone around, you can feel a pin drop as Dingwall Road is Quiet at Night!

15.3.2019 – All articles and photos were put on hold until the following week as a mark of respect to the 49 victims killed in the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.

22.3.2019 – Almost six years of starting Mother Nature, the website flies sky high at 100,000!

If you’re looking for a cosy night in or a place to spend time on holiday, then look no further than The Jurys Inn!

Bromley was calm before the storm, meanwhile, I witnessed the early Spring Blossom, which would allow Mother Nature to embark on her journey to an Endless World.

I published a collection of photographs I took of Addington Hills on the 25th February 2019 as the weather was absolutely beautiful, but the woods were out of this world!

31.3.2019 – Are you ready for some mexican food that you can eat to your heart’s content, including flavours as extras?

Eat your heart out at Chilango!

Thanks so much for such a whirlwind March! It’s been so much more relaxing and so much more productive and I intend to keep going, as I’m not willing to slow down as I want to show you the content I’ve got in store over the rest of the year.

To end this Monthly Roundup, I wanted to wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

Alex Smithson

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