My First Tattoos!

I’ve kept quiet about this for almost two months, but on the 27th February, I got my first tattoos!

I got the Yin Yang, Gemini Symbol (because I was born in June) and the Olympic Rings as I was after getting some tattoos for a long time, but also because I wanted to do something like this as I know this is something I can only do once in my life knowing I won’t be able to do this when myself and everyone on this earth depart.

Sounds morbid? I know! At the end of the day, you only live once.

The Gemini symbol, however, is 4 different colours, blue and purple being the favourite colours of my close friend who I lost three years ago, pink being the favourite colour of my close friend who passed away last year on the 6th April and grey being the colour that allows me to remember my grandad who passed away 9 years ago as his hair started going grey from his 30s onwards until his hair was pure white as his nickname was “SNOWY” as he used to work in the police force.

The Yin Yang, to me, is order and disorder but also, for me, means that opposites can attract in very different ways, while the Olympic Rings symbolise the happy memories I had of the Paralympic Games I went to see back in 2012 when I was at secondary school, also because I bumped into the Olympic Diver & Oscar-Winning Director, Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black.

They say that once you’ve had your first tattoo (s) that it’s addictive and they weren’t wrong. I’m actually getting another tattoo tomorrow afternoon which will be on my left forearm and is inspired on a legendary musician who passed away almost 8 years ago in July and is a musician I’ve paid tribute to and drawn and featured on here.

The musician’s records in question resonate on a personal level for me as their life in music had more of a broader freedom of expression where their mental health came in and was often in the public eye.

Can you guess who the musician is? If you think you know the name of the musician whose first name I’m getting tattooed tomorrow on my left forearm, please feel free to comment below.

Alex Smithson

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