Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve!

It’s healed after nearly two weeks and I have to give full credit to my close friend, Heather, for designing this tattoo, and Jakki of Harlequin Tattoos, for taking the design from the digital version that Heather drew and tattooing it on to my left forearm.

I wanted to get this tattoo because it doesn’t just pay tribute to the late music legend, Amy Winehouse, but the tattoo itself allows me to show you how Amy Winehouse’s music really resonated with me on a personal level considering her music was inspirational but also because her mental health played a massive part in the public eye and paved the way for change and to help raise awareness for mental health on a global scale.

I’ll always wear Amy Winehouse’s heart on my sleeve as this tattoo really gives me a reason to be thankful for the fact she really left her footprints on our hearts and also gave us a reason to live life to the full.

If you’re looking for a place to get tattoos, I recommend Harlequin Tattoos and I recommend if you want to envision a design and want to see it come to life, I personally recommend you contact Heather as she designed this from what I had in mind and did it justice and Jakki absolutely nailed it!

This is so much better than I imagined it and I cannot thank both Heather & Jakki enough for the immense hard work and crafts they do.

Jakki also did the first three tattoos I got done right at the end of February so I recommend you look at the tattoo studio’s website and social media accounts to see the tattoos she has done.

I’ll provide below Heather’s art Instagram account along with Harlequin Tattoos’ Instagram account and website so you can see more of their work.

Alex Smithson

Heather’s Art Instagram Account: @hypercabbage

Harlequin Tattoos / Jakki:

Instagram: @harlequintattoos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarlequinTattoosLtd/

Official Website: http://www.harlequin-tattoos.co.uk


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