The Concept of Expression: Roddy Stewart (a.k.a. SEVERE)

The next subject I’ve picked to photograph for the photography series is my close friend, Roddy Stewart.

It’s been a while since the previous photo-set I produced that featured my close friend, Nathan Andrew Christopher Brady, but it’s good to be back with more content that helps me to raise awareness for mental health.

Roddy was a natural when I produced these photographs, though we had a good chat about the photographs considering I produced about 20, most of which were good but didn’t make the final cut due to some issues with the lighting conditions, though these 4 photos are what really stood out as they capture the emotions you think you would expect but wouldn’t.

These photographs really went down a storm on Instagram after I converted them to black and white with the Inkwell filter and some minor tweaks here and there, but changing these photos to black and white really capture the unexplored and unseen emotions that you wouldn’t normally see in a colour photograph, but more visibly in black and white that really cut to the real feelings of what he really may be feeling even if his facial expressions already express the real emotions you think you see.

These photos really stood out, and I cannot thank Roddy enough for getting involved with this photography series as I’m passionate about raising awareness for mental health and want to make a positive difference that will give anyone suffering in silence the opportunity to find their voice and to be truly open about their mental health, especially in this day and age where mental health is now being talked about on a common basis.

I’ve got some more photo-sets on the way and a few of them are small, but make sure you don’t miss the photo-sets I’ve produced as I’ve got a lot of content to publish.

Also, make sure you follow Roddy’s (SEVERE) social media accounts which I’ll provide below.

Alex Smithson

DSLR Used: Nikon D3300

Lens Used: 18 – 55 mm NIKKOR Lens

Date of Photograph Produced: Wednesday 6th March 2019

Roddy’s Official Social Media Accounts




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