Monthly Roundup: May 2019

It’s been such a busy month and it’s flown so fast, this past year has gone so quickly because I’ve been enjoying my job and have been getting out more and even though I might have not published as much, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get so much content ready and prepared and I’m excited with the way the work is coming along.

I’ll be taking a look back at the articles/photo moments/reviews published over the course of May.

1.5.2019 – May got off to a warm start which was no surprise considering Summer was just around the corner.

2.5.2019 – Nature certainly blushed when I was on the way to work.

8.5.2019 – Summer was ready to come kicking and screaming as I photographed my close friend, Thomas Rodrigues, which followed on from the small photo-set I produced towards the end of 2018 when I photographed him at Liverpool Street Station.

Nature was at her most relaxed a few weeks prior before the rainfall returned.

9.5.2019 – Imagine nature’s around and the plantation around you is like a silhouette. Life is a silhouette whenever nature is around!

12.5.2019 – Talk about blowing your trumpet, nature, but that was quite something!

15.5.2019 –  It was as light as a Lilytree one sunny weekend in April and the Lilytree blossomed so beautifully.

16.5.2019 – Mother Nature showed off her Manic Mangroves!

21.5.2019 – Mother Nature was under a blood red mist when the warm weather was out, though she managed to shine a light, even in the darkest places!

Her call was getting louder and louder, which proves you know something is up if she’s making her presence felt.

23.5.2019 – Mother Nature’s full of surprises, as she surprised the world so much that the magic from the Magnolia tree blossomed and unleashed her colourful spirits to the world!

28.5.2019 – It’s a very mystical world…even for a Myrtle!

31.5.2019 – The next subject I picked to photograph for the photography series, The Concept of Expression, was my close friend, Ryan McNish.

Thanks so much for a great month, everyone! I’ve got more content on the way with a lot of photo-sets that are almost ready to go up so stay tuned for more.

Before I forget, in the next few weeks, I will be putting up a small photo montage as I’m getting more tattoos done tomorrow and will be getting more over time so I’ll make sure you get to see them.

Again, thank you so much, everyone, and I’ll see you all in June!

Alex Smithson

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