Monthly Roundup: June 2019

This month has gone so fast but it’s been a fun month worth remembering, though the weather has been so warm lately that I’ve actually ditched the coat for the time being whilst the weather has been nice.

It has been a busy few weeks though even though I’ve just gone back to work today after two weeks off which were desperately needed so I could recharge but I feel so much better now but it was good to keep myself occupied with getting the rest of the photography work uploaded as I had so much photography work to publish and it’s only now I’ve managed to get back up to speed.

To round off June on a high note, I’ll take a quick look back at the articles/photo moments/photo-sets published over the course of this month.

1.6.2019 – The month started off with some beautiful weather and time sure flew considering we’re already halfway through 2019.

10.6.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was my close friend, Ben Francis.

12.6.2019 – The Cherry Guava blossomed beautifully!

14.6.2019 – I photographed my close friend, Ben Francis, again for the photography series, The Concept of Expression, but this time it would focus on his personal emotions below the surface that are sometimes not shown as often as he would like. It was a small collection of hidden emotions he doesn’t often show, but this set proved even all of us show the hidden emotions we sometimes have trouble hiding even when we may, at times, feel depressed and anxious.

16.6.2019 – Whilst celebrating my 21st Birthday, I celebrated the hotly anticipated release of the 14th Studio Album, Madame X, released by Madonna on Friday 14th June 2019, her first album in 4 years since Rebel Heart, which marked her comeback in style!

27.6.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was my close friend, Sinead Purser.

29.6.2019 – I photographed my close friend, Nathan Andrew Christopher Brady, again for the photography series, but this time showing the deeply hidden emotions he may not often show and this was the first ever photo-set produced on the iPhone 7 Plus, which made use of the Portrait Mode feature by Apple, and the free app, Focos.

Thanks so much, everyone, for sticking by over the course of the last few weeks, I’ll be producing more photography content over the course of time as I aim to get more models on board for the photography series as I continually push to raise awareness for mental health through my photography work.

To end this Monthly Roundup in style, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Pride.

Everyone is Welcome!

See you all in July! 🙂

Alex Smithson

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