A Message to The Dualers!

Title inspired by the record, A Message to You Rudy!

It was an absolute honour to photograph Tyber Cranstoun from the Ska/Reggae group, The Dualers, as he performed his set outside Centrale Shopping Centre.

Ahead of The Dualers’ latest studio album being released, I had to seize the opportunity to watch Tyber perform his set whilst I took photos of him performing as I wanted to make sure I could get the best photos during his set.

The original colour portrait mode photographs and the black and white versions of the same photographs edited with two different apps can be found below as I hadn’t anticipated how good these photos were going to be until I used the free apps, Focos, and Depthography, both apps of which are free on the iTunes App Store! I also used Apple’s own Photos app to make sure these photos would stand out better in black and white.

Original Portrait Mode Colour Photographs

Black & White Versions of Portrait Mode Photographs (Edited with Focos & Depthography)

Of course, I couldn’t end this photo-set without including the photo I got with Tyber Cranstoun! I was absolutely starstruck after getting a photo with him and he is honestly so down-to-earth and is an absolute pleasure to chat to.

The response to all of these photos were so overwhelmingly positive after I posted them on the Fans of the Dualers’ Facebook group, and I feel so proud to have produced this photo-set.

This is a massive achievement in itself and I can say this is my proudest photography work to date.

If you haven’t already, purchase your copy of The Dualers’ latest studio album, Palm Trees & 80 Degrees through iTunes and other major digital and retail outlets! Out Now!

A message to Tyber and The Dualers! You’re awesome! What a way to usher in a new era of ska and reggae! 😁💯🎶

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 7 Plus

Portrait Mode: On

Free Apps Used: Focos & Depthography

The Dualers’ Official Website: http://www.thedualers.com

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