Monthly Roundup: July 2019

July has been the month to remember! From London Pride to Croydon Pridefest to Tyber Cranstoun from The Dualers performing outside Centrale Shopping Centre, it’s been one heck of a fun-filled month!

I’ll take a look-back on the photo-sets/articles posted this month.

1.7.2019 – July kicked off with the warm weather in full swing as Summer was well and truly here.

4.7.2019 – I wanted to celebrate Independence Day with everyone by marking the occasion.

5.7.2019 – Summer was in full swing and it was nice to see the warm and sunny weather had, at last, arrived.

7.7.2019 – The London Eye was a glorious sight to see during the London Pride Celebrations and I seized the opportunity to photograph the London Eye in its full glory.

12.7.2019 – It was as red as a dahlia during London Pride as mother nature let her bright, beautiful and colourful personality shine through!

17.7.2019 – Were you feeling a little rosy? I sure was!

18.7.2019 – London was as Pink as a Princess Flower!

26.7.2019 – It was an absolute pleasure to watch Tyber Cranstoun from the Ska/Reggae band, The Dualers, perform his set outside Centrale Shopping Centre, and to seize the opportunity to photograph him was an opportunity I didn’t miss! He’s so down to earth and an absolute pleasure to chat to. Buy your copy of Palm Trees & 80 Degrees on iTunes and through all major digital and retail outlets!

31.7.2019 – Croydon Pridefest on the 13th July was an absolute time to be alive! From getting photos with Asifa Lahore to photographing Danny Beard, Soju and Lady Leshurr, it was a perfect day as all communities came together to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ Community knowing that everyone can be true to who they are and love everyone knowing it’s okay to be your true authentic self.

Thanks so much for such a fun-filled month, everyone!

I’ve been away on most days working hard behind the scenes as I’ve produced so much photography work, most of the photography work which was produced at London Pride on the 6th July, with the other variety of the photography work being produced during Croydon Pridefest on the 13th July.

To conclude and I know I’m only going to forget it if I don’t mention it sooner than later, you may have noticed the menus at the top of the website have been tidied up. Don’t worry, as they’re not gone at all, but most of them have been moved into the ‘Directories’ menu, while the other menus surrounding mental health now have their own dedicated ‘Mental Health’ menu, and the portfolios I’ve produced have now got their own ‘Portfolios’ menu.

This is to ensure that all of you have a much easier viewing experience when you view my website as I always strive to make sure that the website looks as professional as it can be, as organisation is something I love, and I hate for things to be disorganised and out of place, as, like you, I would be as annoyed if I could not find what I’m looking for.

It gives me comfort letting all of you know this now as it’s better late than never but also because I’ve been working some days whilst also using my days off from work to produce a lot of photography work.

All the photography work I’ve produced this month will be going up over the course of August and possibly into September as well so I’ve got so much in store to show to all of you and a lot of the photography work I’ve produced is my proudest work yet on top of the photo-set I published of Tyber Cranstoun from The Dualers which has been recognised by The Dualers on Twitter & Instagram!

Again, I wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for such a fun-filled month and I shall see you all in August!


Alex Smithson

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