The Concept of Expression: Hamid Haq / London Pride / 6.7.2019

The next subject I shot for the mental health photography series is my close friend, Hamid Haq.

Coming over a year since I first photographed Hamid as we all celebrated the LGBTQIA+ Community in style, I decided to put the prime focus on how he genuinely feels.

Genuine emotions matter in this day and age of mental health as the UK Government slowly recognises it.

It’s essential that the photos I’ve exhibited below display his real emotions for who he truly is, not the version he isn’t.

Original Portrait Mode Photographs

These photos stood out more in black and white after editing them in Depthography, also after uploading them to Instagram.

Black & White Depthography Edits (Uploaded to Instagram)

These photos stand out for me as they captured Hamid in a personal light I’ve never witnessed before.

Mental health is so important in this day and age. We must reach out to the people around us. Ask them if they’re okay; provide them with the support they need and throw anyone with mental health the lifeline knowing that no one is alone.

Everyone should stand up, be counted and open up; it’s vital to open up and show how we truly feel rather than suppress what we truly feel inside.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this photo-set, and please let me know if I can make further improvements to my photography work in the future.

I appreciate and value your feedback.

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 7 Plus

Apps Used: Apple Photos, Instagram & Depthography (Free)

Location of Photoshoot: Westminster Bridge, London

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