Monthly Roundup: August 2019

August has come and gone so fast!

These past few weeks have been wild!

From publishing photography work to getting everything ready for publishing, it gives me comfort that I’m able to set a time-frame for what I post.

I shall take a quick look back at the photography work I’ve posted throughout August.

1.8.2019 – Kicking off August, I mentioned that I would be publishing a lot of the photography work I produced throughout July for the month ahead.

11.8.2019 – I photographed Oliver Barlin for the photography series while me, Hamid, Oliver & Patrick were up in London celebrating the LGBTQIA+ Community at London Pride.

This photo-set was the first to be produced on the iPhone 7 Plus with Portrait Mode.

Nature was feeling a little glum a few days before, which explained the torrential downpour of rain.

18.8.2019 – I photographed Patrick Connolly during the London Pride Celebrations, and using the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode feature, I was able to produce professional photographs that looked like Professional DSLR Photography.

25.8.2019 – Coming over a year since I first photographed him, I did a photoshoot with Hamid Haq during London Pride, and it was refreshing to see Hamid exhibit his genuine emotions especially during such an important event that is all about inclusiveness.

26.8.2019 – Mother Nature embraced her Summer glow after a few weeks of moderately warm weather.

28.8.2019 – Imagine you just finished a long day at work, and you’re making your way home, and you see the beautiful, sunny sky approach the golden hour as the sun begins to set.

It was a beautiful sight to see! The Saffron Tower bared its colourful, distinctive heart and full glory during the golden hour.

Thank you so much, everyone, for a great month, and I hope you all wrap up warm soon as the Autumn season is not far behind.

The time has flown so fast this year!

Again, thanks so much, everyone, for a great month, and I shall see you all in September!

Alex Smithson

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