Welcome to September!

Welcome to September!

The next few weeks are set to be busy as I will be trying to get out and about as I may be going up to London at some stage over the next few weeks, which will be useful as I want to go out and produce more photography work.

I’ll be uploading another photo-set to the photography series soon, as I’m currently going through the photographs I took and will be hand-picking the best photos I shot.

As Autumn is almost here, I’ll be getting ready to do a clear-out of some old clothes, and will also be de-cluttering bits and pieces at home that I won’t need or don’t have much use for any more to make way for some much-needed space, which means there might be some days over this month where I may not be as busy as much as I would like.

Until then, Welcome to September!

Alex Smithson

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