Monthly Roundup: September 2019

The last few weeks have been busy, as I did quite a clear-out and I have a bit of a way to go, so I’m almost there. 

Still, the good thing is I’ve been able to find the time to upload a few photo moments for all of you to see as I’ve been photographing parts of Croydon while the weather has been sunny on some days.

Autumn has well and truly arrived, as there’s been a lot of rainfall forecast, but it’s nice to see we’re approaching the last few months of the year.

2019’s been full of so many exciting opportunities, but the hard work and fun won’t stop!

I’ll be getting out more on my days off as I want to go out and photograph places and also write more while the time is available.

Without further ado, I shall quickly summarise the photo moments/articles published for this month.

1.9.2019 – September kicked off with a bang as the next few weeks were set to be busy due to purging a lot of stuff I didn’t need any more.

5.9.2019 – There was a calm breeze in the air towards the end of July, and it was beautiful!

6.9.2019 – It was cloudy at the beginning of September, but with the chance of sunshine, it was refreshing to see September start with some moderate sunny weather.

8.9.2019 – As the workday ended, the sun set slowly on BOXPARK Croydon.

13.9.2019 – It was a busy day for the Ruskin Square Project, but the last remnants of the Summer season made sure that everyone would be in good spirits as the clouds overlooked the landmark!

15.9.2019 – The workday ended smoothly and steadily, but as the workday ended, night slowly fell onto Dingwall Road.

Night slowly fell on Croydon, but the hard work continued!

20.9.2019 – Night fell, but AMP House continued to work hard through the night!

27.9.2019 – Autumn makes me appreciate the time more as it’s come around so fast and it’s already been raining like crazy!

29.9.2019 – After 178 years, the travel agent/airline, Thomas Cook, known formerly as Thomas Cook & Son, sadly closed its doors for the last time on the 23rd September, with 30,000+ jobs lost and an enormous amount of passengers stranded abroad as a result of cancelled flights.

Thanks so much for a great month, everyone! I’ll try and see if I can publish more over the coming weeks, but I’ll be making a point of getting the next photo-set uploaded very soon so I can assure you that’ll be up and added to the mental health photography series, The Concept of Expression.

Before I conclude this monthly roundup, I wanted to take a moment to say that my heart goes out to all the customers stranded abroad and to all the cabin crew and staff who worked with Thomas Cook.

My heart is with all of you! 💛

Again, thanks so much for a great month, everyone, and I’ll see you all in October!

Alex Smithson


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