Monthly Roundup: October 2019 / HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It’s been absolute madness these last few weeks!

The time’s flown so fast, and we’re fast approaching the end of the year.

The clocks going back meant an extra hour in bed, though the days are darker now, the fun won’t stop!

I’ll be taking a quick look back over the articles/photo moments published throughout October.

1.10.2019 – October got off to a wet start due to the heavy rain following the beginning of Autumn.

8.10.2019 – While everyone sleeps at night, nature’s heart grows fond!

17.10.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the mental health photography series was Matthew Gundry White.

25.10.2019 – Ahead of the next tattoos I was going to get inked, I publicised The Eye of Horus / Date of Birth Tattoos that were inked by Harlequin Tattoos right at the beginning of June.

26.10.2019 – It was a silent night, but nature’s beauty blossomed during the night hours.

It was a surprise to see mother nature quietly blossoming.

Thanks so much for a good month, everyone. I acknowledge I haven’t published as much as I swamped the last few weeks due to work, but I’m pleased to tell you I’ve got a few photo-sets for the photography series which will be going up soon, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them when they’re published.

To end this monthly roundup, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Alex Smithson

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