There’s Always Hope.

As mental health slowly becomes recognised in modern day society, it’s vital we open up and express how we genuinely feel.

There’s always hope. even in the darkest of places, but opening up and expressing how you genuinely feel matters and it’s a positive sign of true strength knowing that you don’t have to hide your genuine emotions anymore.

I hope this inspired you and always know it takes courage to open up and that truly matters.

If you need to open up to someone about the daily challenges you battle with your mental health every day, I have provided below the link to the Mental Health Organisations page on this website.

Let’s stand up and be counted!

Alex Smithson

Mental Health Organisations:

Device Used: iPhone 7 Plus

App Used: Instagram (Free)

Filter Used: Lo-Fi

Portrait Mode: On

Date of Photograph Produced: Sunday 3rd November 2019

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