Monthly Roundup: November 2019

It’s unbelievable that it’s the end of November already!

Where has the time gone?

The last few weeks have been really busy with work and I’ve been going out a lot more partying with friends as well as photographing friends of mine and other people for the photography series, so I sincerely apologise if I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked, though I’ll be publishing the last few photo-sets I have in the pipeline on this website to round off 2019 on a high note.

I’ll take a quick look back at the articles/photo moments/photo-sets published throughout November.

1.11.2019 – November got off to a slightly chilly start, though the time has flown so quickly because of how fun 2019 has been despite some ups and downs, but it’s not surprising that the time would fly.

3.11.2019 – As night beckoned, nature was vocal!

5.11.2019 – In the face of it all, mental health is something that is often overlooked.

If you look at the reality behind the facade, it’s not hard to understand that mental health is so important and should never ever be ignored.

10.11.2019 – As mental health slowly becomes recognised in modern day society, it’s vital we open up and express how we genuinely feel.

There’s always hope. even in the darkest of places, but opening up and expressing how you genuinely feel matters and it’s a positive sign of true strength knowing that you don’t have to hide your genuine emotions anymore.

30.11.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series, The Concept of Expression, was Panayiotis Dexiades.

Thanks for a great month, everyone, and again, I sincerely apologise for publishing less frequently but I’ll be making up for lost time by getting the last few photo-sets published over December.

Again, thanks for a great month, everyone, and I’ll see you all in December.

Alex Smithson

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