The Concept of Expression: Jack Matthew Juster

The last subject I’ve photographed to close 2019 on a high note is Jack Matthew Juster.

As I met up with Jack and the rest of my friends who I go clubbing with, me and Jack had a few drinks whilst doing some catching up as it had been a few weeks before when we went for a few drinks at The Milan Bar before heading to Funhouse.

These emotions were off-guard unaware to Jack’s knowledge until I showed him these photos, as we were engaged in an interesting conversation whilst he observed how busy the bottom half of The Milan Bar was baring in mind it was packed.

These photos, for me, captured what Jack was genuinely feeling at those particular moments, as he may have thought about some recent experiences that may have potentially affected him, whilst reflecting on something in the bar that may have caught his eye that he was fascinated at.

Because mental health is such an important subject to talk about nowadays, I feel that Jack’s emotions conveyed what he genuinely expresses in these photos, especially considering he exerted his emotions on a neutral basis, showing that from the outside, he may feel calm, but deep down, he may be in pain because he may feel like a recent experience may have been the reason for why he may feel down, though he does show a positive side to his personality as he embraces who he truly is without anyone telling him to be someone he’s not.

If you enjoyed this last photo-set for 2019, please let me know below in the comments as I would love to hear your thoughts, and please feel free to tell me if there are any improvements I can make for next time.

There are more photo-sets coming in the New Year so rest assured I’ll be working hard to produce more work as the time flies.

I’m excited for what 2020 will bring photography-wise and I cannot wait to show all of you the work I’ve got in store!

Alex Smithson

Device UsediPhone 7 Plus

Apps Used: Apple Photos, Instagram (Free), Phocus (Free+), Focos (Free+), Depthography (Free)

+ Indicates Apps Offering In-App Purchases

Location of Photoshoot: The Milan Bar, Croydon, United Kingdom

Date of Photo-Set Produced: Friday 15th November 2019

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