Monthly Roundup: December 2019

What a remarkable month it has been! This whole year has been remarkable and so much fun! I can’t believe it’s the end of the year, but because I’ve been working hard and having fun, the time has flown!

For one last time before 2019 finally closes its doors for the last time and to see the decade out on a high note, I shall take one final look-back at the photo moments/articles/photo-sets published over December!

1.12.2019 – It’s the season to be jolly and I got into the festive spirit as the Christmas tree went up, with the website being redecorated for the festive season!

4.12.2019 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was Shannon Farrell.

Marking a few months after I last went clubbing at Funhouse in Croydon, we did some catching up as I hadn’t been to Funhouse for about a good couple of months due to being caught up with a lot of stuff at work.

8.12.2019 – The next subject I photographed for this photography series is Harvey Lee.

As we were all in the spirit of Halloween, Harvey donned the skull makeup and hat.

Because he’s modelled for other photographers before, this allowed me to capture his personality from a personal point of view.

15.12.2019 – The last subject I photographed to close 2019 on a high note was Jack Matthew Juster.

As I met up with Jack and the rest of my friends who I go clubbing with, me and Jack had a few drinks whilst doing some catching up as it had been a few weeks before when we went for a few drinks at The Milan Bar before heading to Funhouse.

25.12.2019 – As morning broke on the 23rd December 2019, the festive spirit continued to shine bright!

28.12.2019 – As Christmas Day wasn’t far behind, the beautiful sunrise on Christmas Eve lit up the sky.

29.12.2019 – As 2019 prepares to close its doors in a few days, Mother Nature couldn’t resist making one last rain-storm to end the year.

As night falls, and as we close the doors on 2019 for one final time, 2019 ends on a remarkably quiet and high note too.

What a year it has been!

December has truly been remarkable and a month to remember!

Thanks so much for a memorable month, everyone!

Check back soon for 2019: A Year in Review!

Alex Smithson

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