Welcome to February!

Welcome to February!

It’s been a quiet start to the month and I have to say it’s nice considering I’m working some of the time whilst using the free time I have off work to produce my photography work and it’s a lovely feeling.

Over the first few weeks of 2020, I’ve been working on the book and at some point this year, I want to make it my intention to go abroad as I’ve finally got my passport renewed after putting it off for so long due to work commitments, but I’m happy to say I can now finally seize the opportunity to go abroad when I can get the time off work.

This isn’t to say I’m not aware of the recent corona-virus outbreak as I’ve been following the news closely, but I hope that once this deadly virus has disappeared altogether, I hope I can travel abroad safe and sound.

If you’re planning on travelling abroad, please stay safe and please get in touch with me to notify me if the corona-virus has impacted where you are as your health and safety is paramount and it’s essential we all come together to protect one another whilst we face this outbreak head-on.

I’ll be working on the book over the next few weeks so there might not be as many articles or photo moments going up straightaway, but I’ll try and find some time here and there to get some bits and pieces published.

How has your start to the month been so far?

I can’t wait to hear from you :-).

Alex Smithson

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