Welcome to March! Meet Tortuga!

Welcome to March!

You may have noticed the website looks completely different now compared to the Nikau theme.

Everyone, meet Tortuga!

I came across this theme a few weeks ago as I considered changing the look of the website for a while.

I wanted the site to be accessible and easier to use with minimal effort, as anyone reading any site would wish to view articles quickly.

I aimed to make the site’s user interface tidy and easy to use with the use of the site being just as easy to view on a mobile device/tablet as I would want to make your viewing experience easier no matter which device you use.

I wanted to make sure the website stayed true to its roots.

To retain this, the top section of the site is green, with a colourful blue background to accommodate the colourful personalities Mother Nature expresses.

I’m genuinely digging this new look!

It doesn’t have that newsy look about it where it looks like a newspaper, and everything is much tidier and more comfortable to view now without the site looking busy.

As this month progresses, I’ll be helping my family out with moving items back into the redesigned kitchen and bathroom once the renovation work has concluded on both rooms, meaning I’ll only be publishing when I can find the free time.

I wanted to notify all of you now in advance as I’m unsure of how quick everything concludes and everything we’ve packed away comes back out of storage.

What do you think of the new look? I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Alex Smithson

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