Collateral Coronavirus Calamity

PRE-WARNING: I’m merely giving my own impartial views and expressing my concerns surrounding how COVID-19 has genuinely made me feel and how frustrated I genuinely feel and think, so please accept my apologies in advance of reading this if what you’re about to read causes offence as it’s not intended. I’m only expressing what everyone, including myself, are feeling and thinking about this global pandemic.

It’s become an increasingly worrying and frightening prospect that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread as rapidly as it has, but how long will it take before a vaccine can be found?

COVID-19 is already set to cause collateral damage to the world as the rapid number of cases reported every 24 hours is alarming, so much so that Coachella and the London Marathon were moved to October, with Apple taking WWDC online for the first time this June because of the continuing strain that has affected events, schools, colleges and workplaces around the world.

To make matters worse, retailers everywhere in the UK and around the world are seeing an increased surge in panic buyers as people are flocking to all stores to buy large packs of toilet rolls, hand sanitisers, hand gel, bars of soap and any product they can find.

The surge of face masks and safety goggles are increasingly worrying considering the moisture in our skin can absorb the remnants of the coronavirus, which, after about 5-7 days, can result in people beginning to show symptoms of the virus.

I’m frustrated at the panic buyers who are bulk-buying all the toilet rolls, bars of soap, hand gels and hand sanitisers as people suffering from lifelong disabilities are not being taken into consideration by able-bodied people who are buying these items every day, and I’m fuming that people who are disabled with weaker immune systems or fall under the ‘elderly and infirm’ category set out by the government are not being considered important enough which, to me and a large number of people, is insulting, as it feels like people older than 50+ are being culled.

To all the panic buyers:

Why don’t you do the most decent thing and give the amount of items you’re panic buying to the people that need it the most, such as those with disabilities with weaker immune systems, including those with weaker immune systems after cancer treatment, including the elderly who are also at risk of being infected with COVID-19?

What I’m increasingly worried and frightened about is that my mum suffers from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and has a weaker immune system as a result of a relapse she has been going through whilst taking tablets for her blood pressure, fluoxetine for severe clinical depression, while my dad has to take blood pressure tablets, and I’m frightened, like anyone else would, about losing them as I love my parents so much.

You can imagine it’s caused my anxiety and depression to flare up more recently because of the consistent worry that if I get it, I would have to self-isolate away from home for two weeks, but I’m also frightened at the prospect that if I was to potentially get the virus that I’d be more concerned about my family’s health and well-being including my friends’ health and well-being.

Croydon has already had two confirmed cases of the coronavirus after someone at a nearby secondary school in Selsdon tested positive for it, and the school, whose name I shall not mention out of respect, will still remain open despite someone at the school already testing positive even though it was claimed the person in question wasn’t there for a whole week since testing positive for the virus.

The second confirmed case was confirmed on Sunday 15th March. Two further cases in Croydon were confirmed the following day, bringing the total to 4.

There is a genuine possibility more people from Croydon could test positive if nothing is done to combat the virus and that’s the aspect of it I’m frightened about.

The British Government are already pleading ignorance despite urgent calls from the World Health Organisation demanding the UK test every case as the UK Government deem the move ‘no longer necessary‘ when our lives, just like everyone else’s lives around the world are at stake.

The World Health Organisation have already called for countries to test every case after the British Government made the announcement.

To the British Government:

Are the lives of the people of the UK not important to you when a virus as serious as this is literally killing people, both young and old, with no vaccine as of yet to prevent it?

It is bloody necessary to test every case regardless of where the virus may be as it’s the difference between saving lives and lives being perished by the coronavirus, both young and old, and if that’s clearly not important, then ignorance by our government will be what kills anyone or everyone the virus comes into contact with or does the UK Government want blood on its hands?

Are you frightened about potentially coming into contact with someone who has already shown symptoms and has tested positive with the coronavirus?

Have you tested positive for the coronavirus? If you have, please tell me the experience you went through and how much of an impact it had on you as I want to find out more about the virus and how we can all be prepared.

If you want to keep track of where the coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit in the UK, please click here.

Alex Smithson




    1. Of course, please feel free to repost this article I just published, and thank you for taking the time to read this article as it took a lot for me to speak out about this whole thing as, like you, I’m frightened about the pandemic and how fast it’s spreading.

      Alex Smithson


      1. What stuns me is why it’s taken most governments until now to come up with an action plan that could have potentially prevented all of this a few months ago?

        It’s bad enough that the pandemic is spreading rapidly, but what adds more salt to the wound is how it feels like anyone young and old is not considered to be highly crucial to the government.

        I can imagine how it makes you feel as I’m frightened myself, I mean, packs of toilet rolls and almost everything else is out of stock no thanks to the panic buyers.

        Panic buyers fail to realise that anyone young/old who have disabilities/hidden disabilities or have been through extensive cancer treatment with weaker immune systems, including those with asthma are at risk as a result of the lack of medical supplies they need to survive this pandemic.

        You can imagine from this response that I’m frightened and frustrated at the ignorance of others who are refusing to take into account that the youngest and oldest people need these items more than the panic buyers need them. Hence, I’m glad I can let off steam and vent off, and you are always welcome to vent off how you genuinely feel and how frustrated you must be feeling during this pandemic.

        Alex Smithson

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      2. Yes, I agree. But it’s human nature. We couldn’t ask them to stop from panic buying and to have some little consideration either because they have their money, they have their own right how to spend it.

        It became a laughing irony here, we are panicking, true..but we don’t have the word “buy” it’s just the “panic.” We couldn’t buy alcohol and masks here, was hoarded too. And some commodities are overpriced especially those hygiene essentials.

        Governments have this type of mitigation because, in my opinion, the virus doesn’t have the vaccine yet. So, we have to stay home as the mandate of our President.
        Enhanced community quarantine has been ordered here, and our country is in a state of a calamity too, as stipulated in our Constitution, Section 15, Article II.

        Seems we’re just waiting to let this pandemic die in its own just like the storm, let’s stay home and wait.

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      3. I hope sooner or later this pandemic disappears because I cannot imagine how it’s going to feel for anyone now, especially in this time of need for all of us, and I hope you stay safe and please keep me updated on how things go at your end.

        Alex Smithson

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  1. Alex, you are so right about your observations here. Panic buyers need to stop and think about their self-centred ways. At least give some of the things to a person more in need. Our government needs an urgent reality check, but with Boris in charge, I’m not going to hold imy breath. Also very importantly, I pray your parents never come into contact with this virus and they are always safe. One of my sisters has osteo-arthritis and a weak immune system and she has expressed fears that the coronavirus could take her life. I’m so worried for her. Stay safe, Alex, and everyone everywhere. This virus does not discriminate.

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    1. I won’t lie to you, I’m frightened for my family, and I’m also scared for my own health and well-being because this pandemic might last until July or August.

      That’s what I’m most frightened about because the next few months are the difference between containing, delaying the spread and preventing the coronavirus from affecting more members of the public.

      I wholly agree with you, Vijay. This virus does not discriminate, and no one should ever use the coronavirus as a platform to discriminate others regardless of where they were born.

      The UK needs to set the right example by accepting everyone so that they are, rest assured, free from hate and inequality.

      Alex Smithson

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