Shameful Panic Buyers!

Following my previous note, it doesn’t go without saying to any of you panic buyers who clearly failed to follow the advice from the UK Prime Minister that you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Now, the UK is officially on lock-down meaning myself and anyone else who must work will only be able to go to work and not be able to buy the essentials we desperately need in times like this.

I make no apologies for venting my frustration, but my mum is unwell and I’ll keep being vocal about my mum’s MS and my dad’s blood pressure, and I’ll continue to stand and be vocal for the NHS workers who have, time and time again, been forced to go without the resources and essential everyday items that have been brought by those of you greedy panic buyers who have clearly failed to show any ounce of consideration towards those who have disabilities/hidden disabilities, those who have or are going through cancer treatment and have weaker immune systems, not to forget to mention all the paramedics, nurses, doctors and our NHS who are working harder than ever every day to save lives in the wake of a global pandemic that has affected the world on a global scale.

I welcome this lock-down that Boris Johnson has put in place, because, and I can and shall say this, when is it going to take any of you who are panic-buying a second to think about how your panic buying is affecting the most vulnerable?

Spare a thought for those of us, including myself, who are putting our lives on the front-line to ensure we can keep our personal and family lives financially afloat whilst trying to help all of you survive.

I have every damn reason to be cross because for those of you panic-buying!

Imagine how it makes those of us working in retail, in offices, in studios, in hospitality, in hospitals, in airports, the transport network, the self-employed and other workplaces including industrial sites feel when you’re bulk-buying and not considering the rest of us!

To all panic buyers:

I hope you’re satisfied!

In a frightening time like this, you have shown your true colours and have proved to be selfish and heartless, and it has brought the worst out in all of you panic buyers!

Again, I welcome this lock-down, so spare a thought for me and for the rest of us who are putting our lives on the front-line by going to work, and I’m not selfish and anyone who works is not selfish either.

We are selfless, we have a right to be furious.

I have a right to be furious!

I reserve my rights to a freedom of speech!

To everyone who has been and is continuing to work through this, I’m so proud of you and want you to know that we’re all in this together to work hard to keep our families safe and I couldn’t be more proud for the fact we are doing our bit to try and bring some common ground and I applaud everyone working through this.

As for you panic buyers:

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Again, I refuse to apologise, and I don’t care and couldn’t give a damn if you panic buyers hate what I’ve said here, and I, just like everyone else, are entitled to a freedom of speech!

I want to take a moment, again, to thank and applaud anyone working through this and again, we’re all in this together so let’s continue being selfless and let’s work through this!

Alex Smithson


    1. I agree with you and thank you so much for your support, I truly appreciate it and in a time like this, the panic buyers should start to think about those who are vulnerable like all of us and show complete consideration for those of us who are and have put our lives on the line for them so they don’t go without baring in mind those of us working are struggling at their expense whilst we have to keep going without most of what they’ve brought.

      Alex Smithson


  1. Right on! Was finally able to buy our normal amount of toilet paper after all the panic buyers had kept it away from us. I am still working as my job has been deemed essential and my husband is recovering from surgery. We had been unable do the foraging that panic buying had forced everyone to do so had to resort to wet wipes for a short period of time. Everyone calm down please and think of others.

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    1. I agree with you and honestly, I hope and pray this pandemic passes sooner rather than later because these panic buyers should be ashamed of themselves for putting myself, you and anyone else working in this position.

      I was calm and collective up until last night when the lockdown was announced and that’s why I feel like a weight has lifted now I’ve finally spoken out about it and I truly appreciate your support, it really does mean a lot.

      Alex Smithson


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