Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Horizons! + A Letter from Me to You.

It has been a very long time since I last played Animal Crossing, as I remember playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS when I was a kid, and it was one of the few games that kept me occupied when I wasn’t busy.

Animal Crossing, as I remember it, is the same as it was before, but the difference with New Horizons is that there’s new differences, such as an airport, the ability to travel to other horizons to collect food instead of being stuck to just the one island you would call home, but what hasn’t changed is the amount of times I would be stung by wasps in the game after knocking loose wasp nests, not to mention the amount items would cost in game, whether it was fruit or fishing rods to purchasing shovels and axes to cut trees down, dig items at random.

What’s nice with New Horizons is the Nook Miles System because you can achieve Nook Miles as an incentive for completing things here and there in the game, and is one of the few games that will keep you occupied for hours on end from the moment you play it on your Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite.

The incentive of purchasing in-game items with bells is a bonus if you’re looking to upgrade your tent to a house with more than one room, not to mention the added abilities of changing the cosmetic look of the landscape, with inclines/stairs and even bridges, all while encouraging in-game characters to live on your Deserted Island.

This is a nostalgia-filled game full of surprises, with events every so often to account for seasonal changes and in-game rewards to satisfy you when boredom strikes.

I noticed the difference of how my new beginning in the game started, because in Wild World, I remembered playing the game for the first time and was immediately given my own home, whereas in New Horizons, the beginning of the game starts with you and two other residents being given a free tent to start, though you have to pick two spots for the other two residents so that they can begin their new life as part of the Deserted Island Getaway Package.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is the only game that kept me going whilst me and my mum were medicating at home during the two weeks I was self-isolating at home after showing symptoms of COVID-19, which I have since recovered from, whilst my mum’s Secondary Progressive MS was affected due to the relapse and laryngitis, which she’s been recovering from slowly.

A letter from me to all of you,

Myself, and my mum both showed symptoms of the virus, but after showing both symptoms right at the beginning of this month, she has since had no high temperature, but she’s had frequent coughs due to her laryngitis which she’s slowly recovering from, and we’ve both been medicating often and have made sure we can get better.

I did still have a high temperature, but medicated often during the two week self-isolation period and did start to notice it was beginning to subside after the beginning of the second week.

I’ve since fully recovered, but both of us weren’t able to get tested for the virus due to the fact we’ve complied with the government’s guidelines to stay indoors for the full two weeks, though she’s slowly getting there and is slowly getting better as our symptoms were mild and her voice has almost returned.

It was a frightening two weeks for me considering I was more worried about my mum, my family’s health and well-being, including my work colleagues and friends’ health and well-being but I’m pleased to say I’m 100% fully recovered, and my mum is on the mend and wanted to let you all know as you all had a right to know why there was some downtime over these past two weeks.

I wanted to say that these past two weeks have taught me something, to appreciate the time you have with your family and friends, and to seize every opportunity and enjoy the time you have with the people you love and to live every day like every day is your last.

It’s been an eye-opener and an emotional rollercoaster over these last two weeks, but wanted you all to know we’re over the worst of it and we have since fully recovered from the symptoms of COVID-19 which is a massive relief and a massive weight off our shoulders and wanted you to know so that it’s a massive weight off your shoulders.

I love you all, and I’m back and stronger than ever! – Alex xx

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is digital escapism at its best, because if you need some time to escape reality and indulge in building properties and crafting items while you’re making a living in-game, this allows you the chance to lay the foundations of getting away to a deserted island while allowing you to escape reality for a while.

Thanks to the wonders of Nintendo Switch Online, if your friends have a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as long as you have a Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite, you can invite your friends to your Deserted Island!

Overall, a beautifully crafted and faultless masterpiece with minutes turning into hours and days of gameplay!

Tom Nook’s Deserted Island Getaway Package awaits! Get your hands on a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

If you already own a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for your Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite, please tell me how you’ve been finding the game as I would love to hear your thoughts on this beautifully crafted masterpiece!

Alex Smithson

Rating: 10/10

© Nintendo, Nintendo EPD 2020

© The official key art featured in the article image and all the screenshots made in-game are all copyright of Nintendo. Full copyright goes to the respective owners.


“Island Paradise Perfection” – Daily Star

“Animal Crossing’s finest outing to date” – Eurogamer

“The best form of digital escapism” – PocketGamer

4.5/5 – USGamer

9/10 – Game Informer

9/10 – IGN

95/100 – GamesBeat (VentureBeat)

10/10 – Forbes

“…full of surprises.” – IGN

“the ideal digital getaway” – Los Angeles Times

“…a game that makes you smile.” – GameXplain


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