Monthly Roundup: April 2020

It has been an eventful and tiresome month to say the least considering I was off for the first two weeks of April from work due to the fact me and my mum both showed symptoms of COVID-19, which we’ve both since fully recovered from, and her laryngitis is officially gone, though despite the odd few things I was able to publish here and there, this month has been quite an eventful one too.

I’ll quickly summarise what I published throughout April.

1.4.2020 – Things got off to a quieter start despite the news surrounding COVID-19, with the next few weeks and months set to be a test of willpower.

20.4.2020 – After two weeks away following the end of the isolation period in which I self-isolated for two weeks due to showing the symptoms of COVID-19, which I then learned shortly after that my mum showed the same symptoms, which we both managed to fully recover from while she was getting rid of her laryngitis, I published my review on the bestselling game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which consisted of the letter I included with it detailing why I was away for two weeks.

22.4.2020 – As the air pollution continues to clear, this gave nature the opportunity to branch out.

30.4.2020 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was Oli Regan. This photo-set was produced back in February, a month prior to when the virus was upgraded from an epidemic to a global pandemic, given the rapid widespread of COVID-19 affecting the UK the following month.

Before I conclude this monthly roundup, I wanted to take the opportunity to pay tribute to my uncle who passed away on Monday after suffering a heart attack, as the news of his sudden passing came as quite a sudden shock, but I’m keeping strong for him and will be cherishing the time I was grateful to spend with him growing up. I’ll miss him, but he’ll never be forgotten.

I’ll see you all in May and I hope all of you stay safe as we continue to march through this together even when we’re apart.

Alex Smithson

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