Monthly Roundup: May 2020

It’s been a busy and eventful couple of weeks, but it has been an interesting couple of weeks too due to the current situation affecting the world, but some things have slowly been looking up, and I’m pleased to say that things have gradually improved over the last few weeks, though now more than ever, let’s be there for one another and reach out to one another, especially with the way the world currently is at the moment.

I’ll quickly summarise what I published over the course of May.

1.5.2020 – May got off to a busy start with things continuing to remain quieter due to the lockdown keeping everyone indoors.

4.5.2020 – Every 4th May is a reason to celebrate National Star Wars Day, so May the 4th Be With You!

9.5.2020 – While I was off work for the two weeks I was in self-isolation due to showing symptoms of COVID-19 along with my mum who showed the same symptoms the same night, you can imagine how frustrated and how furious I’ve been with all these flouters putting our lives at risk. What these flouters fail to understand is that, like anyone else working in an essential job, I work in an essential job where I’m required to leave the house on my contracted work days so that I can keep my family and myself financially afloat by restocking shelves, ensuring that my workplace can be stocked full of food and all the main essential resources we all need to keep ourselves alive and keep ourselves going as we walk through this global pandemic.

10.5.2020 – Following the recent postponement of Lady Gaga’s hotly-anticipated sixth studio album, Chromatica, which was originally scheduled for release on the 10th April, but was hampered due to the coronavirus pandemic which has since affected the entire world, Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album was set to be released on the 29th May, which comes just after the 9th Anniversary of her sophomore album, Born This Way, which was released on the 23rd May 2011.

12.5.2020 – Since the beginning of the global pandemic, once bustling places turned into ghost towns, football stadiums, restaurants, cafés and shops more or less completely deserted and all air travel were completely affected, with some businesses going into administration, not to mention unemployment increasing gradually every day. The new normal of going to and from work with virtually no traffic has been the norm for us all and has, to a certain degree, made the daily commutes to and from work easier, but at the same time, has changed how we see the world now compared to life before the pandemic.

20.5.2020 – While nature larks about, the plants begin to blossom! She certainly had to lark about, didn’t she? Still, on a nice, warm and sunny day, she has a right to after all. That’s why the plants are always beautiful during the Spring/Summer seasons, and more so now considering we’re fast approaching Summer and the lovely warm weather is keeping our spirits up.

22.5.2020 – It was really hot but who enjoyed the hot weather? It was beautiful and honestly, I cannot wait for the Summer season!

There’s a beauty in everything. The wonderful weather sets the mood perfectly, Summer’s fast approaching, and I cannot quite help but feel there’s a beauty in how we see everything blossom in day to day life. I’m so fascinated by the history of any of the places I previously visited, including the history of Croydon’s buildings, how they came about and why they were built.

30.5.2020 – After four years away, Lady Gaga returned with her sixth studio album, Chromatica!

This month has been a very busy one indeed, though it has been a testing time, but things are slowly looking up.

I wanted to conclude this monthly roundup by taking the opportunity to thank all key-workers, the NHS Staff and everyone involved in keeping this country going at an unprecedented time that has changed how we all work and has affected us all. We salute you!

I also wanted to take the opportunity to pay tribute to the narrator of Thomas & Friends, Michael Angelis, who sadly passed away at the age of 68. He narrated Series 3 to 16 of the beloved franchise I grew up watching as a kid and would always watch to this day as he has left a mark on us all. This is the end of a truly remarkable era and he shall forever be missed, but he’ll live on in our hearts forever.

Stay safe, everyone! I’ll see you all in June!

Alex Smithson

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