Welcome to June!

Welcome to June, everyone!

Things are different this time around as June marks the start of Pride, but on a different note, as all Pride events have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, though that’s not to say we all can’t celebrate Pride, as we can still celebrate it but differently as we can all come together even when we’re apart to celebrate everyone of sexuality, gender, colour and culture knowing everyone is welcome to be free and authentic knowing we are all together in this!

I’ll be spending the next few weeks putting the book together in small leaps and bounds, as I’ll be adding helplines and contact information to the book so that it is part-photography portfolio and part self-help as I want the book to inspire and help everyone who battles mental health throughout every day life, and in the face of the pandemic where mental health is becoming more widely talked about, I’m aiming for the book to help make a positive difference and impact on everyone as mental health is something close to my heart and I want to inspire all of you.

I’ve got the last two weeks of June off for annual leave, which is perfect as I can try and fit more time in on publishing some bits and pieces here and there, though I’ll be getting some things done at home to make use of the free time so that I can try and juggle my free time between this website and other things.

How’s your start to June going so far? Hope you’re all okay and stay safe, everyone! 🙂

Alex Smithson

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