Welcome to July!

Welcome to July!

It’s been quite a damp start to the month but the wet weather was needed after the sultry sunny spell we had last week, though I’m pleased to say things are slowly looking up in the right direction as I’ve been working on the book, which is coming along nicely, and now with the added opportunity to do social distancing photoshoots thanks to the new camera lens I recently brought, it’s given me the chance to try and make up some lost time for the photoshoots I would have initially planned to do before the pandemic as it’s been five months since the first photoshoot this year that I did when I photographed my close friend, the actor, Oli Regan, for the mental health-inspired photography series, The Concept of Expression.

I will, of course, be making sure to keep myself and anyone I photograph safe, and even though the social distancing metre rule is set to be reduced to 1 metre, I’ll be following the social distancing guidelines as I want to make sure I can keep myself and anyone else safe.

I’m prepared as I’ve got my face masks and anti-bacterial hand gel on hand to keep myself safe on public transport and with the photoshoot side of things, I’m relieved to be prepared because it is going to be nerve-wracking meeting up with friends for the first time in 6 months as I last met up with my friends on New Year’s Eve when I went out clubbing to ring in 2020 and the new decade.

On the plus side, you can expect to see some photo-sets on here at some point in the coming weeks, though I’ll be hand-picking the photos I publish so that you can see the work I’m aiming to publish.

I hope your start to the month got off to a good start and I hope you stay safe, and please feel free to tell me how everything has been going for all of you over the last few weeks as I would love to hear how you’re all doing.

Alex Smithson

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