Welcome to August!

Welcome to August, everyone!

Kicking off the month on a good note, the warm weather has slowly dropped a bit here and there today which is good considering the baking hot spell we had yesterday, though on the plus side it’s been a relaxing start to the month.

Very soon, I’ll be publishing the next few photo-sets I produced throughout July on here so make sure you don’t miss them as I’m so excited to show you the photoshoots I did with some of my close friends over the last few weeks.

The good news so far is I’ve added helplines and contact information to the book, and as the development on the book progresses, I’ll be covering important topics here and there on mental health as I want the book to be a self-help, portfolio and mental health awareness book that can help benefit you and all of us throughout everyday life.

As the weeks progress, I’ll be making sure to publish some photos here and there while experimenting more with the iPhone 11’s Dual Camera System as I’m so keen to show you the work I’ve been producing.

How was your start to August? I hope you’re all coping well despite the heat and the pandemic, and I hope you all stay safe as we march through this pandemic together while apart.

Let’s make the most of August and the warm weather and again, stay safe, everyone!

Alex Smithson


    1. Thanks so much, Vijay, for mentioning me on your news digest, I really appreciate it.

      I cannot wait for you to see the photography work I’ve been producing!

      I hope you’re well and hope all is going well your end too! 🙂

      How are you feeling? Hope you’re coping well with everything despite the pandemic.

      Alex Smithson


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