It’s been barely six months since she released her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, and already the two-time Grammy Award Winner, Dua Lipa, has released her first remix album, Club Future Nostalgia, which features a star-studded list, from the likes of the Queen of Pop, Madonna, to Jamiroquai, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, the legendary Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson, to BLACKPINK, and many more!

Future Nostalgia has already been nominated for the Mercury Award and is hotly predicted to win at the 62nd GRAMMY Awards next year, and I’m excited for Dua Lipa because her new sound shows her in complete control of her own creative direction as Club Future Nostalgia exhibits her freedom in her music and when you’ve got all your idols on one remix album, it is going to be a dream come true.

For Dua, I wholly applaud her for her freedom to take her music to completely new heights and express herself to the world!

© Club Future Nostalgia (Official Remix Album Artwork) [Graphic & Logo Design for Club Future Nostalgia, Album Artwork / Photography and Creative Direction by Hugo Comte & Guillaume Sbalchiero]

Standing in at 17 tracks, all mixed by Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna, this is a nostalgia-filled continuous remix album that you would be a fool to miss!

  1. Future Nostalgia (Joe Goddard Remix) [Mixed]
  2. Cool (Jayda G Remix) [Mixed]
  3. Good in Bed (Zach Witness & Gen Hoshino Remixes) [Mixed]
  4. Pretty Please (Midland Refix) [Mixed]
  5. Pretty Please (Masters at Work Remix) [Mixed]
  6. Boys Will Be Boys (Zach Witness Remix) [Mixed]
  7. Love Again (Horse Meat Disco Remix) [Mixed]
  8. Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Edit) [Mixed] {feat. Jamiroquai)
  9. Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) [Mixed] {feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott]
  10. Hallucinate (Mr. Fingers Deep Stripped Mix) [Mixed]
  11. Hallucinate (Paul Woolford Remix) [Extended] {Mixed}
  12. Love is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix) [Mixed]
  13. Don’t Start Now (Yaeji Remix) [Mixed]
  14. Physical (Mark Ronson Remix) [Mixed] {feat. Gwen Stefani}
  15. Kiss & Make Up (Remix) [Mixed] {feat. BLACKPINK & The Blessed Madonna}
  16. That Kind of Woman (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) [Mixed]
  17. Break My Heart (Moodymann Remix) [Mixed]

To listen to Club Future Nostalgia in full, click or tap play below if you use Spotify, or, if you want to view the Official Visualiser Dua Lipa has released for Club Future Nostalgia, please click on the video below.

Below are the full iTunes/Apple Music Editors’ Notes on Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna’s Remix Album, Club Future Nostalgia:

The world had barely hit pause on Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa’s exhilarating, Mercury-nominated second album, when the singer announced Club Future Nostalgia, an explosive new remix edition featuring an astonishing line-up of some of the biggest names in music. If Future Nostalgia—released just as the global pandemic began—had us all stuck dancing in our living rooms, Club Future Nostalgia turns the volume right up. A collaboration with club queen (and award-winning producer and DJ) The Blessed Madonna, it’s a dream world where dancing with strangers is unimpeded by the 2m rule—and where Gwen Stefani, Mark Ronson, Missy Elliott and Madonna, as well as dance music innovators (Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meat Disco and Joe Goddard, to name a few), drop in to let loose. “I wanted to create something that would make people want to dance, to bring them a bit of happiness, ” Lipa tells Apple Music. “I just wanted to create something fun.” As for where Club Future Nostalgia takes her? Straight to Glastonbury’s infamous club areas, late at night. “I feel like Future Nostalgia the album might get me a spot in one of the main tents at Glastonbury,” she says. “But I’m hoping that Club Future Nostalgia will get me down at NYC Downlow at five in the morning.

Fittingly, Lipa first met The Blessed Madonna—aka Marea Stamper—in a similar setting: at a secret Mark Ronson gig one night at the festival. “We just hit it off from that point,” says Lipa. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m such a fan of yours!’ And she was like, ‘Oh my god, I love you!’” When Lipa had the quarantine idea of creating Club Future Nostalgia, the choice of who she’d recruit to help her was clear. “I just love her work and I felt like it was the perfect fit,” she says. “We had all this time on our hands, and it was just another way of thinking outside the box and getting creative during [lockdown].” From a distance—and in secret—they got to work, going back and forth on ideas and samples, which range from “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai to Stevie Nicks’ “Stand Back” and Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”. Then there was the question of who would take the feature spots, Lipa and Stamper joking that it would be crazy if Madonna (no relation) got in on the act. “I was like, ‘Well, it can’t hurt to ask,’” says Lipa. The result is The Blessed Madonna’s remix of “Levitating”—Future Nostalgia’s most club-adjacent track—on which Madonna and Missy Elliott guest star. Elsewhere, on Mark Ronson’s remix of “Physical”, Gwen Stefani adds her name to the roll call, lending her ultra-recognisable vocals to Lipa’s verses. Future Nostalgia (and its Mercury nod) may have sealed Lipa’s ascent into pop royalty, but the willingness of those legendary “female alphas” to join her here makes that unstoppable rise beyond doubt. “It’s crazy for me to have such incredible artists from this record and to have them wanting to be a part of it,” says Lipa. “It’s mind-blowing, really, to be really honest. It’s something that I’ll never forget.

Like many artists, Lipa never envisaged releasing the best music of her career to date in the midst of a global pandemic, cancelled tour dates and missed festival appearances. “I bump into people on the street who have just been like, ‘Thank you for soundtracking my workout during quarantine,’ or ‘Thank you so much for putting this out during this time.’ This album is fun, and it’s about creating experiences for everyone at home. That’s kind of the most important thing for me right now.” The Club Future Nostalgia party will keep going for a long while yet, but the singer is already making her French exit. “I’ve got a bunch more songs to come, and I’m already planning my next move,” she says. “There’s plenty more of where that came from, and you’ll be hearing more from me soon.” – Editors Notes’ Cited from Apple Music.

What is so refreshing about Club Future Nostalgia is the callbacks to past records by Gwen Stefani with Hollaback Girl coming into the remix, including Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl, and with every track on Club Future Nostalgia flowing effortlessly into one another, this is a club mix that will leave all of us Levitating with Future Nostalgia!

This is a truly impressive masterpiece that brings Dua Lipa’s sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, full circle, as the sophomore masterpiece captured the nostalgia of what The Rolling Stone described in their review that she ‘‘crafts a Studio 54-Worthy Disco Revival”, which I remember saying in complete agreement to their response to Future Nostalgia that it did feel like a mixture of the old-school sound mixed with the nostalgic era of Chic, where the music legend, Nile Rodgers, would play with his legendary guitar during Le Freak.

Club Future Nostalgia is a masterpiece on top of a masterpiece and is the icing on the cake as Dua Lipa’s freedom in her own sound and her creative direction shows her in complete control of her music and to bring The Blessed Madonna on board to produce Club Future Nostalgia during the global pandemic is proof her music is timeless as she is not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and collaborate with other producers and musicians, and if you haven’t heard Future Nostalgia & Club Future Nostalgia, I urge you to listen to both albums as both albums are equally as amazing as her first ever self-titled album.

If you want to read my review on Dua Lipa’s sophomore album which I published on the day Future Nostalgia was released earlier this year, I’ll put the link below this review.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please get in touch with me as I would love to hear your thoughts on Dua Lipa’s sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, and Club Future Nostalgia!

Alex Smithson

FUTURE NOSTALGIA REVIEW: https://asterisk15.wordpress.com/2020/03/27/future-nostalgia-is-the-name-dua-lipas-sophomore-album-out-now/


© Dua Lipa, Warner Records Inc., Vertigo Records, Spotify, Apple (and Apple Music), The Blessed Madonna, Hugo Comte & Guillaume Sbalchiero, 2020

© The Club Future Nostalgia album artwork, the featured image, the Spotify Playlist consisting of Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna’s Remix Album, Club Future Nostalgia, the Official Visualiser for Club Future Nostalgia, the editors’ notes, the official Dua Lipa Logo and other material shown in this review are copyright of Dua Lipa, Warner Records Inc., Vertigo Records, Spotify, Apple (and Apple Music), The Blessed Madonna, Hugo Comte & Guillaume Sbalchiero. Full copyright goes to the respective owners.


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