Monthly Roundup: September 2020

It has been a busy and chaotic few weeks, and quite an emotionally driven few weeks too with news left, right and centre of the coronavirus pandemic being the main focal point for the entirety of September.

It has been an emotional few weeks for me considering that there have been some days where I’ve been able to use the energy to try and publish here and there, but mentally, it’s got to the stage where I’ve become overwhelmed by the news surrounding the pandemic that I’ve now started changing the TV channels to something else that isn’t news-based at all or switching the TV off altogether, and the same being for switching anything news-orientated online off so that it doesn’t affect me mentally to a point where I lose sleep worrying about it.

I sincerely apologise if there hasn’t been as much content as you would’ve hoped.

These last few weeks have been emotionally driven and it has affected me to a degree where I’ve been struggling to use some of the free time to publish as it feels like I’ve been putting it off even when I know I don’t want to, and generally the way I feel sometimes, especially the way I’ve felt the last few weeks I hope all of you can relate to what I feel with this pandemic and I sincerely apologise.

I will quickly summarise the photo moments/photo-sets published throughout September.

1.9.2020 – September came around so fast, and as we were fast approaching Autumn, my aim was to make up for lost time by intending to publish one of the photo-sets I produced back in July.

12.9.2020 – Two weeks after the release of Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna’s Remix Album, Club Future Nostalgia, the complete release of Club Future Nostalgia carried an additional 17 tracks with a few remixes that were previously unheard in The Blessed Madonna’s DJ Mix of Dua Lipa’s Club Future Nostalgia.

16.9.2020 – With iOS 14 finally released to the masses, the new software update brings about a huge number of new features, including some familiar features that will help you to gain more control on the apps you download and the permissions you grant to certain apps.

As we headed towards the Autumn season, nature stretched out the last of her photosynthetic veins for the Summer season as it neared the end.

30.9.2020 – It was last October since I first photographed Shannon for the series as I photographed her last year when we both met up at Funhouse after doing a catch-up baring in mind I was working away and wasn’t able to go out for nights out as much during August & September following Pridefest and other celebrations a year ago, and it was only New Year’s Eve 2019/New Year’s Day 2020 when we last met up to celebrate ringing in 2020 before COVID changed everything.

Moving forward, I will be taking a small step back here and there with publishing as I need to make sure that I can take my time to put any articles/photo-sets/photo moments together that I can publish on this website, though I’ll be staggering what I publish so that I can pace myself as I’m going to be using some of the time to help my family out, my mum especially as she’s been struggling to walk properly due to her other knee playing up and affecting her overall balance, also given the fact her Secondary Progressive MS has played a part in her overall physical and mental health.

Again, I sincerely apologise for not publishing as much, though I wanted you all to know how I genuinely feel as it’s better you know that I’m taking small steps back here and there with publishing as I intend to focus some more of the time around my family while I take the time to put together any photo-sets that I’ve produced that will be published but at a later period in time.

I love you all and I’ll see you all in October.

Alex Smithson

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