Monthly Roundup: November 2020

It’s been a crazy month and a very busy one to say the least, and the time has flown rapidly the last few weeks, though there’s fresh hope on the horizon with two vaccines potentially being given approval if they’re deemed to be 100% safe as the government have said the Oxford vaccine is 95% effective and is apparently ‘safe’, with the Moderna vaccine only in the last few hours appearing to be 94.1% effective and ‘safe’ according to news reports and could be distributed worldwide if they are approved which sounds promising as it could potentially put an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

It has to be said that the last 8 months with COVID have proved to be a testing time for all of us because we’ve gone from when the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus as a global pandemic back in March to wearing face masks, face shields or both on public transport and in workplaces and hospitals, all while going through two lockdowns as a result, and with tensions on a consistent high as a result of the pandemic, it’s completely understandable everyone wants this pandemic to end soon, and even I feel the same too because we all essentially want for normality to return to the way life was before, and there’s fresh hope and light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic to meet its eventual end.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to publish the photo-sets I intended to share with all of you as I was hard at work getting them ready to publish, and I’ve got one more photo-set coming around the 15th December so make sure you don’t miss it as I’m intending on getting it published before 2020 ends.

I’ll quickly summarise the photo moments/articles/photo-sets published throughout November.

1.11.2020 – November kicked off on a busy note and was set to be a challenging month ahead considering the second lockdown would come into full force a few days later.

8.11.2020 – Nighttime can be a beautiful time of each day, as the bright lights compensate the landscape and lay the pathway for every journey to unknown places in the big city.

9.11.2020 – Nature sent us all a kiss from a rose!

26.11.2020 – The next subject I photographed for the photography series was Mylo Adams-Özbal.

28.11.2020 – We all get lost in the fog at some point and it’s okay to feel unhappy, it’s natural to be lost in the moment of everything going on in the world, but this moment of losing yourself in the fog gives you an insight of how the world is now, and how we can all walk through it together.

Mentally, we all feel lost because of the pandemic as we miss each other, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up! We’re all in this together!

29.11.2020 – We all love a bit of festive glamour to get the Christmas Season underway!

Who doesn’t?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

30.11.2020 – The next subject I have photographed for this series is Aaron Bent.

It was five years since I last met Aaron as we both studied at Croydon College, and to meet up with him prior to the second lockdown was an emotional welcome with open arms considering we hadn’t met up for such a long time and it was a true blessing to meet up with him after so much time passed as we had so much to catch up on, especially with everything currently going on with the coronavirus pandemic, though so much has changed in five years and it was so refreshing to catch up.

It’s been such a crazy month for all of us, but it’s so heartwarming to see everyone come together during these difficult times to support one another, but what has been an eye-opener this month is the fresh hope that this pandemic could eventually end with the vaccines potentially being approved, though the fact I’ve been keeping myself busy as well has really helped me to push myself over the course of the last few weeks, and even though there have been times recently where I’ve procrastinated here and there, I’ve made sure to try and keep on top of it all and I feel so pleased that I’ve managed to push out more content over the last few weeks alone.

How did November treat you?

I would love to hear your responses and if you missed any of the content I’ve published on here for November, don’t worry as I’ve linked them below.

Until then, thanks for a really good month and I’ll see you all in December!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to November! – Mother Nature (

Bright Lights in The Bigger City. – Mother Nature (

Kiss From a Rose. – Mother Nature (

The Concept of Expression: Mylo Adams-Özbal – Mother Nature (

Lost in the Fog. – Mother Nature (

Festive Glamour! – Mother Nature (

The Concept of Expression: Aaron Bent – Mother Nature (

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