Mental Health & The Pandemic. How it’s Changed for All of Us.

With the new Tier 4 restrictions coming into effect from midnight, how’s the pandemic changed for all of us and affected our mental health?

It’s greatly affected all of us mentally due to the government’s consistent scaremongering, which has resulted in the numbers of suicides more than tripling as a result.

This decision’s now seen the UK Government, our Prime Minister and Health Secretary failing all of us at a time when we all needed clarity and support the most.

Gyms, hairdressers/barbers and other businesses deemed non-essential forced to close from 12:01 AM will end up taking the hit financially, following this last-minute decision by the government.

Mental health is receiving the worst impact of all as gym-goers are now facing the reality of this fourth Tier impacting their mental health on a significantly detrimental level that is very likely to see everyone’s mental health dismissed.

The government needs to stop scaremongering and creating confusion and should provide us with complete clarity.

The one rule for one, and one rule for another approach isn’t working; lockdowns aren’t working either to reduce the number of COVID cases and COVID-related deaths ultimately.

There’s only been a small handful of decreasing numbers of COVID cases across the UK, as well as worldwide.

Schools and colleges forced to remain open are subject to legal action by the government if they refuse to stay open which begs the question, why is the government making threats of legal action when that will ultimately backfire?

The reason is simple.

The government won’t take full accountability; they don’t have the common sense to accept that online teaching for schools/colleges is an ideal option and both schools/colleges should remain shut to reduce and get the virus under complete control significantly.

Face masks should have been mandatory at the very beginning of the first lockdown, with complete exemptions for anyone who is medically exempt from wearing face coverings, which could’ve got the virus under control on a significant scale.

The government’s sluggish response sets a prime example of the complete chaos their response to our physical health, mental health and our wellbeing has had on everyone.

Because of the government’s response to this pandemic people have and will continue to rebel until an exact resolution and solution comes to the surface, and it’s heartbreaking to see families losing loved ones to the coronavirus.

Anyone who thinks the pandemic is a hoax doesn’t know or have the understanding, the empathy and sympathy for those who have lost loved ones and friends to this virus, which is far deadlier than the flu epidemic.

However, the flu epidemic is also known to claim the lives of vulnerable elderly and young people who have medical conditions or not.

The UK Government have made a shambolic response to the coronavirus pandemic. They could have handled it better by acting quickly and by providing complete protection and clarity throughout from the very beginning of the global pandemic, which saw the first lockdown begin on the 22nd March.

The unemployment rate spiked as a result of the pandemic affecting businesses, both essential and non-essential, and the government has made absolutely no effort to get anyone unemployed back into permanent part-time/full-time jobs.

The UK Government’s failed all of us.

Cancer patients and patients suffering from health problems, including underlying health problems, shouldn’t have had their treatments/operations put on hold or cancelled entirely because of this pandemic.

The government now have blood on their hands because they failed to protect the most vulnerable, including everyone else in the process when we all needed their support the most.

They failed to provide it, so this government should take full accountability for their actions, including the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary and anyone else.

They failed to protect us at a time when we needed protection and support.

I know I may be ranting about this because this is how I genuinely feel as we’ve followed instructions from the very beginning.

Every push from pillar to post feels like a slap in the face, so you can imagine it’s affected me and all of us mentally.

This pandemic has made me realise that we should all be grateful for the families and friends we all have and that we must all value and cherish the precious time we all have.

Sound off as I want to hear your responses on how your mental health during the pandemic has affected you, including how your job prospects and job security have been affected as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the government’s response to the pandemic.

Stay safe, everyone!

Alex Smithson

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