Monthly Roundup: December 2020

What a busy and chaotic month it has been!

The Christmas rush has come and gone so fast, and 2020 has reached the end!

Let’s not forget this year’s come and gone so fast because of the pandemic, as the last 9 months have been exceptionally busy for us all and eventful to say the least, though there’s light at the end of the tunnel as the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved and is being rolled out on Monday, which will help inch all of us closer to an eventual return to normality.

It’s been quite an eye-opener of a year, a year we’ll all never forget, but as long as we all stay in contact with one another, that’s always the important thing and as long as we have our families and friends surrounding all of us, even if it’s virtual for now, at least it’ll give us all peace of mind knowing we can all reach out to one another.

For one final time, I shall summarise everything published throughout December.

1.12.2020 – The website got the festive makeover it needed to celebrate the Christmas season getting underway, and as 2020 closes its doors for the last time, I mentioned I would be making a point of getting the last photo-set for the year published.

15.12.2020 – To finish 2020’s photo-sets for the series, the last subject I photographed for 2020 was Mannan Khan.

19.12.2020 – With the Tier 4 restrictions that would go into effect from 12:01am on the 20th December how did the pandemic change and affect our mental health?

It’s greatly affected all of us mentally due to the government’s consistent scaremongering, which saw the numbers of suicides more than tripling as a result.

This decision saw the UK Government, our Prime Minister and Health Secretary failing all of us at a time when we all needed clarity and support the most.

25.12.2020 – I took the opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Christmas!

26.12.2020 – Croydon fell silent at night and felt like a pin drop as it felt like a ghost town, which once used to be hustling and bustling.

It is the final curtain call for December, and for 2020! December has been an exceptionally busy month, but although it’s the end of 2020, 2021’s around the corner and 2020 is a year we won’t ever forget, but this month will be a time that truly tested all of us.

I love you all, and check back very soon for 2020: A Year in Review!

Alex Smithson


    1. Happy New Year to you too, Andrea!

      I completely agree with you, our life lessons and reflections for 2020 are what will help us to learn and grow and we absolutely did.

      The road ahead will be the bumpiest yet, but we will all get through this together!

      Alex Smithson

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