Happy New Year, Everyone! Welcome to 2021!

It’s a different start to the New Year and a quieter start to 2021, though I’m excited for the exciting opportunities this year has to offer.

Of course, this year will be different and understandably there will be a lot of chaos as COVID is still around, but with fresh hope of vaccinations being around the corner, we could potentially return to almost-normal normality if the government eventually get everything under control, though we’re all in this together, and as long as we all stay safe, that’s all that matters.

I will, of course, be continuing work on the book as the weeks and months progress, but I’ll be making a point of trying to make up for lost time by publishing some photography work here and there, though I’m aiming to travel around to some places when everything surrounding the pandemic, the restrictions and everything else have eventually eased.

Over the course of the year, with regards to the book, I’ll be aiming to make the book half-photo, half-information-based so that it can not only inform, but aim to inspire all of you, and it will take quite some time to work on, but when it is eventually finished, I’ll let you all know.

How did your start to 2021 go? I would love to hear how you rung in 2021!

Again, Happy New Year, Everyone! Stay safe! I love you all!

Alex Smithson


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