Monthly Roundup: January 2021

The first few weeks of 2021 have certainly been a lot busier than I thought, and it feels good to kick the procrastinating feeling of 2020’s backside because I’ve been so intent on publishing photography work the last few weeks that it’s helped me to slowly get back the lost energy from all the stress last year, especially with everything going on surrounding COVID.

What I’m aiming to do is inspire all of you by publishing the occasional photo moment here and there so that I can turn anything that makes us all feel negative and down into something positivity-filled so that it helps us all to get through these challenging times.

To end January on a positive note, I’ll kick off the first monthly roundup for 2021!

1.1.2021 – 2021 started off on a quieter note, though I went on to explain that although this year will be different and understandably with a lot of chaos due to COVID still being around, I mentioned there was fresh hope with vaccinations being around the corner, and went on to announce information about the book I’ve been working on as I’ve been working on turning the mental health-inspired photography series, The Concept of Expression, in to a book, as I intended for the book to be half-photo, half-information-based so that it can not only inform, but inspire all of you, though I acknowledged that it would take quite some time to work on.

8.1.2021 – As 2020 opened our eyes to the reality of the pandemic, 2021 opened with a glimmer of hope; with three vaccines now approved, which sees us at the turning point of the pandemic, with light being at the end of the tunnel.

14.1.2021 – There are cloudy times ahead, but we’ll all get through this together!

15.1.2021 – We all may be going through a tough time with the pandemic, but let’s live life happy in our own bubble, and think of all the endless possibilities and opportunities we have, let’s seize each possibility and opportunity!

16.1.2021 – While there is a pathway out of the pandemic, it will be a long and bumpy road.

The best kind of feeling is knowing we’ve all got each other, and as long as we contact each other more and more virtually, whether it’s through video calling, by phone, by text or by email, life could eventually return to normal.

18.1.2021 – As the path to the end of the pandemic is in sight and may be a bumpy road ahead, it’s a good reason to branch to something new full of exciting opportunities!

Seize the moment! Seize the opportunities! Branch out of your comfort zone and try something new!

23.1.2021 – In what has been a different start to 2021 with the pandemic being a bumpy and long journey ahead, there’s hope, and we mustn’t forget the light at the end of the tunnel.

However long it may take, we’ll get through this, together!

26.1.2021 – While the misty nights symbolise the numbing feeling we feel as a result of the pandemic, the bright lights symbolise hope that the light is at the end of the tunnel and that we must follow the lights.

The glowing lights will help provide the hopeful feeling that we’re nearing the end of the pandemic and inching closer to normality, and while we’re all apart for now, we’ll be together soon!

27.1.2021 – The road ahead will be very quiet but overwhelmingly bumpy, but there’s hope on the other side of the rainbow as the vaccines will help provide the pathway to see us through to the eventual end of the pandemic.

I know there’s hope, and there is light, we’ve all got to stay strong for one another and share positive energy with one another to keep ourselves going because we all need each other now more than ever and it’s vital we stick together even when we’re apart.

29.1.2021 – The other side of the rainbow gives us all a hopeful and positive feeling that the end of the pandemic is in sight.

We’ll all get there and as long as we stay strong for each other and open up to one another, we’ll get there, and although it will take time, we’ll reach the end of the pandemic soon.

It has been quite a busy month but a productive month for me indeed and I’ll be publishing some more photography work here and there over the coming weeks.

I hope you had a good start to 2021, and please get in touch with me as I want to know how your January went.

I’ll see you in February!

Alex Smithson

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