Monthly Roundup: February 2021

February has flown awfully fast and these last few weeks have been no different given how busy it’s been for all of us.

With fresh hope now on the horizon after the Prime Minister published the roadmap for the UK to exit out of the third lockdown which is potentially the last lockdown now that 20 million people have now been vaccinated after the government achieved their target of vaccinating 15 million people on the 15th February, it gives us hope that life could return to almost-normal from the 21st June, and I’m hopeful that things will get better.

The fact this milestone has been achieved is a good sign, though I’ll still be keeping myself protected while I’m on the go as this pandemic has made me realise how much our health and wellbeing comes into the current state of play and the future state of play and I feel it’s vital that we protect ourselves at every angle, not just physically, but mentally as well.

On the plus side, I’ve been keeping myself busy as I’ve been publishing photography work over the course of the last few weeks and it feels so good to be producing on a regular basis again as I’m beginning to feel more active again and to have the comfort of sharing photography work from last year and this year with you that I didn’t publish has really helped me to cope through the lockdown, and I’ve been aiming to make sure the photography work I’ve produced can inspire you and keep your spirits up during this third lockdown.

To end February on a positively happy note, I’ll summarise the photo moments published throughout this month.

1.2.2021 – February got off to a quieter and peaceful start, and with Spring not far behind, there’s all the more of a reason to keep going even during these testing times.

3.2.2021 – While the world is quieter, this gives nature a chance to show you she blushes even at the best of times.

5.2.2021 – While we work through these challenging times, we can build the blocks and lay the foundations to a positive future.

7.2.2021 – Delta Point once used to be owned by BT (British Telecom) after it was built in the mid-1980s, and up to 2005, Delta Point was the forefront for office spaces which kept Croydon busy, and following Delta Point being sold by Minerva PLC in 2005, the building eventually laid empty by 2010 until it was eventually turned into apartments.

9.2.2021 – No matter how many pathways there are, they will all lead you to the right direction if you believe in yourself.

11.2.2021 – The light is what we all need to keep ourselves going and it will help lead the way to the eventual end of the pandemic.

13.2.2021 – As the UK faced the bitter cold snap, it was coated in a blanket of snow and the glow in the sky made the landscape feel like a dream.

15.2.2021 – As the snow set on the cold winter’s night, the sky was glowing and made a blisteringly cold night warm nature’s heart.

17.2.2021 – At the height of Summer 2020, mother nature finally blossomed her vibrant colours and showed us all what it means to be herself while inspiring us to be ourselves!

19.2.2021 – With Ten Degrees Croydon standing tall, the building overlooks BOXPARK, Croydon College and other various buildings.

21.2.2021 – As the Summer air in July filled the landscape with warmth, Corinthian House provided a shield of cool, calm and peace.

23.2.2021 – The Saffron Tower spiced up the atmosphere at night with this beautiful light display which brightened up the landscape.

25.2.2021 – The cold air filled Croydon with a breeze that felt somewhat cold, but on a night like this, Ten Degrees Croydon compensated for the cold weather.

26.2.2021 – After a beautiful day came a full moon and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph the full moon in its glory!

27.2.2021 – Crystal Palace Tower is a stunning sight, especially up close!

What an incredibly busy month February has been, and a really good month too, it’s felt so good to keep productive and publishing content on a regular basis.

As the next few weeks progress, I’ll be publishing more photography work to pass the time so that it can give me a reason to continue to inspire all of you especially during these challenging times.

If you missed any of the photography work I published this month, don’t worry as I’ve included the links to each photo moment below this monthly roundup.

Stay safe, everyone!

I’ll see you all in March!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to February! – Mother Nature (

Nature’s Blush! – Mother Nature (

Building Blocks to a Positive Future. – Mother Nature (

Once a Workplace, Now Apartments. – Mother Nature (

All Pathways Can Lead You to the Right Direction! – Mother Nature (

Let The Light Lead The Way! – Mother Nature (

A Wintry Arctic Blast! – Mother Nature (

A Cold Winter’s Night! – Mother Nature (

Nature’s Vibrance at the Height of Summer 2020! – Mother Nature (

It’s Ten Degrees Out Here! – Mother Nature (

Cool, Calm & Peace at Corinthian House. – Mother Nature (

Spice it Up, Saffron! – Mother Nature (

Seriously, It’s Ten Degrees Out Here! – Mother Nature (

It’s a Full Moon Tonight! – Mother Nature (

Towering Over Crystal Palace! – Mother Nature (

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