Welcome to March!

Welcome to March, everyone!

It’s been a quiet and beautiful start to the month with the lovely sunny weather and what a peaceful beginning to the month it has been!

I’m excited for this month especially as I’ve got some photography work in the pipeline which I cannot wait to share with you all, and some of the photos I’ve produced and done some editing with I’ve been aiming to try and recapture the 70s era of Croydon when Croydon Whitgift Centre used to be an open-top style building without the glass roofs on most of the centre before it was upgraded to fit the modern times.

The last weekend of February gave me that opportunity to photograph Croydon as it is now, but I intend on trying to bring an element of the 70s era into the modern era so that it gives off the energy of how Croydon may have felt 50 years ago as opposed to now and I’m so excited for you to see them.

As the weeks progress I’ll be making a point of developing the book further as I’m intending to add small descriptions of the photo-sets I’ve produced and how I’ve captured the subject’s emotions and facial expressions so that it informs you of my perspective on mental health and how the subjects I’ve photographed have expressed themselves while embracing their authenticity and being themselves as I strive to inspire and give hope to all of you.

Have you got exciting plans for the weeks ahead? I would love to hear your feedback!

I know this month will be somewhat quieter but will get somewhat busier with the start of the easing of the restrictions of the lockdown beginning on Monday next week in the lead up to the potential end of the lockdown on the 21st June, but I know we’ll all get there!

We’re all in this together and stay safe, and please keep me updated on how you’re all coping with the pandemic as you all mean everything to me and I love you all!

Stay safe!

Alex Smithson

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