On Your Bike!

Fancy a bike ride into the world of retro?

You will absolutely love it!

Cycle back in time to the 70s and experience the beauty and happy memories of Croydon!

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 11
Apps Used: Apple Camera, Apple Photos & Instagram (Free)

Apple Photos Settings:

Filter Used: Vivid Warm

Brilliance: -25
Brightness: -25
Saturation: +25
Vibrance: +25
Warmth: +75
Definition: +50

Instagram Settings:

Filter Used: Ludwig
Lux: +50
Saturation: -10
Highlights: -25

ISO Speed: ISO-32
F-Stop: f/1.8
Focal Length: 4.25mm

Date of Photograph Produced: Sunday 21st March 2021


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