Monthly Roundup: March 2021

It’s been such a busy month and a productive month indeed for me, and it’s been such a relief that I’ve kept as busy as I have as this is the first time in a long time I’ve felt so productive and full of energy to continuously publish content and it feels so good!

I’m in happier spirits now the rule of six has returned as I’m aiming to get out and do some photoshoots after almost six months, but I’m hopeful that things will get better from here as the vaccines have and continue to provide hope, and for the first time I can say I feel excited and in good spirits that the Summer season will be better this time around and I know things will get better from here, as I’m so sure of it!

To end March on a positively high note, I shall quickly summarise the articles/photos I published through this month.

1.3.2021 – It was a quiet and beautiful start to the month with the lovely sunny weather and what a peaceful beginning to the month it was!

3.3.2021 – With the beautiful weather at the end of February came a beautiful sunlit landscape that made the Saffron Tower and other buildings in the distance feel like it was heading back in time to the 70s era when the Croydon Whitgift Centre was an open-top building that was full of busy businesses and happy locals.

5.3.2021 – Croydon’s architectural landscape has come a long way from the 70s, as a lot of apartment blocks and office buildings have been developed to make way for the modern era we’re in now.

7.3.2021 – With elements of the 70s era making a comeback to Croydon, what better time to bring it back by ushering the 70s era of design into the modern era!

8.3.2021 – International Women’s Day will forever be a reason to celebrate all women, mothers and all the keyworkers of the world who have kept this world going even through these challenging times!

9.3.2021 – Croydon’s facelift ushered parts of the old-school era of the Croydon of then into the Croydon of now, ultimately giving buildings in this old town a new persona!

11.3.2021 – The beautiful Spring breeze always amazed with its nostalgic appeal reminiscent of the old-school 70s vibe which always made everyone happy and feel right at home.

13.3.2021 – The feeling of the old-school 70s vibe came alive during the golden hour and it was such a beautiful thing to witness!

15.3.2021 – We all need some way to get through life and with the current state of play there’s always a positive direction that faces us.

17.3.2021 – On a beautiful sunny day, the beautiful sunset covered the air and the landscape with a sense of peace and calm.

It was such a beautiful thing to witness!

19.3.2021 – As Croydon basked in a peaceful sunset, it sent the feels of the 70s through the air, with the buildings eclipsing that feeling of peace and euphoria.

21.3.2021 – With Spring finally here, it was so nice to see mother nature finally putting a spring in her step!

23.3.2021 – Croydon’s landscape, its buildings and bus stations are often known for their remarkable retro appeal, and with a lot of buildings that made the 70s era of Croydon feel like home, West Croydon Bus Station recreated that feeling of nostalgia after being redeveloped into the homely looking bus station it is now.

It was exactly one year to the day since the United Kingdom went into lockdown, 12 days after the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus epidemic as an official global pandemic.

25.3.2021 – Fancy a bike ride into the world of retro?

27.3.2021 – As the sun set on Croydon, the feelings of calm and happiness filled the air.

29.3.2021 – It was a blooming marvellous beginning to the vibrant Spring season and what better reason to enjoy the lovely and peaceful weather.

It was a beautiful day, and with the rule of six back as the first restrictions of the lockdown eased, I couldn’t resist celebrating and marking the occasion by photographing the beautiful tree that blossomed which I have to say showed nature in her element!

31.3.2021 – Croydon’s Space Age fifty years ago consisted of beautiful landscapes and open top buildings like the Whitgift Centre, and the history of Croydon’s buildings that now remain in the past and have recently been redeveloped or removed entirely to make way for some of the new buildings today still manages to keep the spirit of Croydon alive.

It’s been such a productive month and full of positivity, but for me, and for all of us, it has been an eye-opener of a month too as we’ve come a long way in the first year of the pandemic, but I know that there’s a lot of positive news on the horizon and I’m praying that life will eventually return to normal post-pandemic in the next few years, but for now, let’s all keep practicing social distancing and stay safe!

If you missed any of the articles/photo moments I published throughout March, I wanted to put your mind at ease by including the links to all of them below.

I love you all so much! Thanks so much for a positively eye-opening March, and I’ll see you all in April!

Alex Smithson

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