Welcome to April!

Welcome to April!

It’s a quiet start to the month, and it’s set to be a busy and interesting month ahead as the second level of restrictions are set to be lifted on the 12th April which will see hairdressers/barbers reopen along with non-essential shops finally reopening and I’m hopeful that as time progresses things will get better.

Also, I’m praying for the nice warm weather that we had at the beginning of the week for the weeks ahead as it was so nice to enjoy the warm weather at last after a chilly few months, but I’m in good spirits that the Summer season this time around will be better.

As the weeks progress I’ll be aiming to make a point of producing and publishing more photography work to help pass the time as March was one of the most productive months I had for a long time and I’m aiming to publish more photography work as I’ve got some photography work in the pipeline which I intend on publishing very soon.

How’s your start to April been? I cannot wait to hear the plans you have for the month ahead!

Alex Smithson


    1. That’s the best kind of challenge around, Jo, and it’s always good to throw yourself into that challenge of publishing and enjoying every creative moment that comes to fruition and you can do this! I believe in you, Jo!

      You’re always welcome to pop by this website anytime you need inspiration for your photos!

      Alex Smithson 🙂

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