Monthly Roundup: April 2021

April’s flown by so fast and it’s been a crazy few weeks but it’s been a fun month!

From travelling to Battersea Park at the beginning of the month following the first set of restrictions being lifted at the end of March to travelling up to Mayfair, Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown, Soho and Trafalgar Square following the second set of restrictions being lifted on the 12th April, it’s been a fun few weeks, but I’ve made sure to stay masked up and fully sanitised all throughout to protect myself and everyone’s health and safety and it’s been nice to get out of Croydon and enjoy the change of scenery, and mentally, I feel better for it that some form of normality is slowly returning.

On the plus side, I’ve got tons of photography work to publish over the coming weeks and months from travelling in and around parts of London which will be up on the website, and I’m so excited for you to see the photography work I’ve got in store!

I’ll quickly summarise the photos I published throughout April.

1.4.2021 – It was a quiet start to the month, and was set to be a busy and interesting month ahead as the second level of restrictions were set to be lifted on the 12th April which would see hairdressers/barbers reopen along with non-essential shops finally reopening which made me feel hopeful that as time would progress that things will get better.

3.4.2021 – On a lovely day, the view of the tower above Battersea Park Train Station stood proud!

5.4.2021 – The Spring weather certainly sprung into life at Battersea Park!

7.4.2021 – When the scenery around you feels peaceful and happy when nature blossoms, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

9.4.2021 – The Spring season is such a wonderful time of the year and nature is golden because she gives off feelings of peace and comfort and it’s evident she’s relaxed and happy because when the flowers blossom and open, her energy and passion for life comes alive!

11.4.2021 – Nature loves being radiant with the flowers that blossom, as she sends out light, and uses every opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd!

13.4.2021 – Nature travelled back in time to the fuschia to show you her vibrant and colourful personality which made her feel like home was where the heart was years ago.

15.4.2021 – Nature’s purple heart reigns supreme and she’s here to show you she’s the real queen on the throne!

17.4.2021 – Battersea Park brings about so much beauty, but when you look to the tip of the pagoda, you begin to realise why Battersea Park is full of joy, and it’s because the pagoda stands out a few metres from the river.

19.4.2021 – If you need a reason to feel enlightened, meditate and utilise your path of enlightenment at the Peace Pagoda Buddhist Temple, located in Battersea Park, which will help guide you to morality, meditation and wisdom!

21.4.2021 – Got a thorn in your side?

Don’t be surprised as nature’s feeling prickly and she needed to make her presence known.

23.4.2021 – It looked like nature became so excited about the warm Spring weather that she couldn’t resist being thorny!

25.4.2021 – Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year and there’s that feeling of peace and calm which makes Battersea Park feel like home.

27.4.2021 – Battersea Park is renowned for its big open spaces and scenery, but the buildings that are a bridge-walk from the park are fascinating and visually eye-catching.

29.4.2021 – Nature has a way of showing how relaxed and at peace she feels at times, and this occasion is no different.

It’s been such a busy month but a fun month too, and I cannot wait for you to see more of the photography work I intend to publish!

If you missed any of the photos I published, the links to all of the photos can be found below this monthly roundup.

I love you all and stay safe as the next set of restrictions ease from the 17th May!

Stay safe, everyone, and I’ll see you all in April!

Alex Smithson

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