When History Meets The Arts & Culture Industry, Pop Art Comes Alive!

In celebration of Croydon’s musical heritage, Bareface’s portrait of the Croydon composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor is one of eight unique pieces by some amazing artists, so make sure you pop by Croydon Centrale and immerse yourself in Bareface’s world of art!

Bareface’s mural of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, celebrating Croydon’s musical heritage.

Bareface: “When I started my creative quest as BAREFACE, my goal was to have just one long term public art piece in my home town. It was essential to making my mum and supportive friends proud. To show the friends that distanced themselves from me for choosing to sacrifice socialising and romance, it was all worth it and, more importantly, to produce something that makes me happy so that I can share my happiness with you.

One-piece was the goal; I never thought that I would have four in such a short space of time.”

The arts and culture industry is one of the most important industries that has shaped our lives and has given all of us the platforms to follow our passion for art, photography and everything surrounding music, and Bareface’s murals are truly inspirational to me and to us all, and his mural of Samuel-Coleridge Taylor has captured the art in music which makes music pop!

If you get the opportunity, come down to Croydon Centrale to see this mural for yourself! It’s absolutely stunning!

Alex Smithson

© Full Credit goes to Bareface for this inspirational mural and make sure you check his page for more of his inspirational work!

Bareface’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/bareface_art


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