Monthly Roundup: May 2021

It’s been an extremely productive and positive month for me, and it’s been such a lovely feeling to share so much content with all of you!

It’s been a busy few weeks on the most part but it’s been so much fun sharing with you the photos I’ve produced on the go from Mayfair and other places, and it’s nice to have that buzz where you can get everything done and feel like everything isn’t an effort knowing it’s something fun you love doing!

As I’ve published so much content throughout May, which is the first time in a long time I’ve published content to this degree, I shall quickly summarise everything I’ve shared with all of you this month!

1.5.2021 – It was such a peaceful start to the month and with the next set of restrictions which were due to be lifted on the 17th May, life was slowly beginning to return to some normality.

In celebration of Croydon’s musical heritage, Bareface’s portrait of the Croydon composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor is one of eight unique pieces by some amazing artists, so make sure you pop by Croydon Centrale and immerse yourself in Bareface’s world of art!

3.5.2021 – Green Park is a stunning park to visit and the greenery of the park is so vibrant and filled with peace and happiness it brings about the calming feeling of Spring & Summer.

The scenery of Green Park is stunning!

4.5.2021 – The Force Awakens for National Star Wars Day and was here to celebrate with you on this special day!

5.5.2021 – Mayfair is full of beautiful scenery and a range of views, but when you put into perspective the overall landscape and how the buildings look from a certain viewpoint, it’s easy to understand why there’s perspective to Mayfair.

Mayfair’s buildings stand proud even through the tough times and it proves that every business and every building stands in solidarity while making a statement that anything is possible.

7.5.2021 – South Audley Street is a quiet and peaceful area of Mayfair and what was nice to see was how beautiful the area truly is when there’s little to no traffic.

Mayfair is full of exciting new opportunities, but the road ahead is peaceful and will make you feel right at home.

9.5.2021 – Mayfair was partly busy but mostly quiet, though given that there wasn’t much traffic, this was a perfect time to capture the peaceful landscape.

Can you imagine living in a part of Mayfair that is peaceful, doesn’t have any traffic, and has that open space where you feel at ease?

Grosvenor Street is the place to be!

11.5.2021 – On a bright and breezy day, Mayfair is filled with busy traffic and the landmarks and architecture makes the place feel elegant.

If you’re looking for a reason to spice up your wardrobe, or if you’re looking for the latest accessories, beauty products and gifts and want to treat yourself, Fenwick’s down Brook Street is the place to go!

13.5.2021 – As the world slowly returns to some normality, life is slowly returning to normal too, especially for New Bond Street.

Mayfair is known for its landmarks, hotels and beautiful landscapes, but the beauty of Mayfair lies in its retro appeal.

15.5.2021 – With plenty of exciting opportunities and so many fashion stores, you can never go wrong!

The Time & Life building is a sight for sore eyes and stands proud!

17.5.2021 – Aldford Street’s beauty is at an all-time-high with its exquisite buildings, its beautiful scenery and is home to the Claridges Hotel.

As life slowly returns to normal, Mayfair’s business continues as usual with a gradual reopening which slowly brings back the bustling energy that we all crave!

19.5.2021 – The possibilities are endless in Mayfair!

This part of Mayfair is one of the most peaceful when there’s hardly any traffic and it’s a nice feeling to experience.

21.5.2021 – There’s a beauty in anything nature brings, but it’s a beautiful feeling when you get to see more of her beauty up, close and personal.

If you need two reasons to call someone or if you’re expecting a call, then head to your nearest telephone boxes in Mayfair!

23.5.2021 – Want to relax in the depths of nature’s grasp?

Get closer and personal with nature by exploring her inner beauty and let her colourful and beautiful personality make your day special.

25.5.2021 – Who would have thought it? Pink is certainly nature’s favourite colour; she’s certainly blooming marvellous to show us her splash of pink!

There’s no better feeling than getting closer to nature and seeing her thrive with her colourful personality; her beauty lies within the flowers and she explodes with beautiful colours that make you feel connected.

27.5.2021 – I’m fascinated by the natural form in flowers; the colourful vibrance nature brings and the layers and textures of flowers.

Nature’s personal side comes to life as you can see her beauty; the patterning of the flower and her ability to shine when up close with her defines her resilience!

29.5.2021 – What’s fascinating about nature is she blushes when she’s being herself; her realisation of the world around her turns her red from the thrill of it all.

There’s beauty in everything you see, and this is nature at her most peaceful!

31.5.2021 – Nature’s way of stunning everyone with her vibrance is beautiful; the colourful and beautiful personality she expresses is forever a beauty!

Nature’s known for her exuberant, vibrant energy, but now she’s just showing off!

It’s been a wild month but one of the most fun months I’ve published content in a long time and it feels so good to stay on top of everything!

I cannot wait to share even more content with all of you as there’s plenty more content along the way which I’ll make sure you never miss!

How was May for you? I would love to hear your feedback below and if you missed any of the content I published throughout May, don’t worry, as all the photo moments/articles for this month are just below this monthly roundup.

Thanks so much for such a fantastic and productive month!

I’ll see you all in June!

Alex Smithson

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